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Результаты поиска для 0Z960S

MAX From the participant monitor. Find More Posts by kc8adu. Philip B4 LCD I have the same monitor and I see that the green light stays on and only one of the inverter circuits gives the high voltage. At first it completely closed on the case – the protection disconnected. I had took out both CCFL lamps, look fine to me as no black mark.

There was a discussion at one of ratasheet forums monitor. STR-H From the participant monitor. 0z9960s, in my case, the protection was disconnected by the 6 pin of the IC on the case plazmoid monitor.


Datasheets 8 17 | Datasheets archive

BIT is similar shamrin monitor. Hi Bob I did the torch test, cannot see the video signal from my desktop. It is forced to obey by grounding pin 5 of datasheey microcircuit.

From the forum participant monitor.

【0ZS MICROCHI】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【цена】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Information for casual visitors and for TV owners: The LED does not light up. TAGN instead of the resistor is put light-diodes and the adjustable brightness remains.

LED from the 20th output datssheet ground. Really too dztasheet voltage to turn on inverter IC. BDFS Information provided by the comporator: MP remove the protection by setting dataaheet resistance 10 Kom with 6 outputs “FT” on the chassis.

Zener is not needed, in this inclusion it still does not work. BDFV From the participant monitor. Bypass protection of the inverter on FAN – we short-circuit the 7th leg of the chip. LED from 19 feet to the common wire cathode.


DT 9 foot on the body through a kilo-ohm resistor, for example 47k. For lack of near at hand, this soldered 11 kOhm. The site administration categorically does not recommend attempts at self-repair in the absence of special skills and knowledge. Find More Posts by gobbler. The time now is MP From the participant monitor. LED on the body. That’s parallel to him and solder.

The native condender for this pin is evaporated, in its place-a resistor. The picture is exactly like mine. FAN From the participant monitor. SAQ From the participant monitor. OZ Fatasheet the participant monitor.