This Annex supplements, forms part of, and is subject to, the above-referenced Agreement, is part of its Schedule and is a Credit Support Document under this. 2 ISDA® (d) Substitutions. (i) Unless otherwise specified in Paragraph 13, upon notice to the Secured Party specifying the items of Posted Credit Support to . ISDA Credit Support Annex. The standard New York law pledge means of posting and receiving Credit Support under an ISDA Master.

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ISDA® Credit Support Annex (CSA)

Good Faith and Commercially Reasonable Manner. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Greater than 1 year but not isd than 2 years. The Secured Party will be liable for the acts or omissions of its Custodian to the same extent that the Secured Party would be liable hereunder for its own acts or omissions. Holding and Using Posted Collateral a Care of Posted Collateral Without limiting the Supporrt Party’s rights under Paragraph 6 cthe Secured Party will exercise reasonable care to assure the safe custody of all Posted Collateral to the extent required by applicable law, and in any event the Secured Party will be rcedit to have exercised reasonable care if it exercises at least the same degree of care as it would exercise with respect to its own property.

Upon the Transfer by the Secured Party to the Pledgor of Posted Collateral, the security interest and lien granted hereunder on that Posted Collateral will be released immediately and, to the extent possible, without any further action by either party.

Greater than 28 years but not more than 29 years. Weighted Average Life of Hedge in Years. Treasury Department having a remaining maturity on such date of one year or more but less than five years. If at any time an Early Termination Date has occurred or been designated as the result of an Event of Default or Specified Condition with respect to the Secured Party, then except in the case of an Early Termination Date relating to less than all Transactions or Swap Transactions where the Secured Party has paid in full all of its obligations that are then due under Section 6 e of this Agreement: The provisions of Paragraph 6 d ii will apply.

Greater than 26 years but not more than 27 years. Transfer of Interest Amount. Initially, the Custodian for Party A is Party B and its Custodian will be entitled to hold Posted Collateral pursuant to Paragraph 6 b ; provided that the following conditions applicable to it are satisfied: A “Independent Amount” means with respect to Party A: Infinity “Threshold” means with respect to Party B: Retrieved from ” https: Greater than 4 years but not more than 5 years.


A Cash, the amount thereof; and B a security, the bid price obtained by the Valuation Agent multiplied by the applicable Valuation Percentage, if any; ii Posted Collateral that consists of items that are not specified as Eligible Collateral, zero; and iii Other Eligible Support and Other Posted Support, as specified in Paragraph All references in this Annex to the “Secured Party” will be to either party when acting in that capacity and all corresponding references to the “Pledgor” will be to the other party when acting in that capacity; provided, however, that if Other Posted Support is held by a party to this Annex, all references herein to that party as the Secured Party with respect to that Other Posted Support will be to that party as the beneficiary thereof and will not subject that support or that party as the beneficiary thereof to provisions of law generally relating to security interests and secured parties.

Credit Support Annex – Wikipedia

Subject to Paragraph 4 aif the Secured Party jsda or is deemed to receive Distributions on a Local Business Day, it will Transfer to the Pledgor not later than the following Local Business Day any Distributions it receives or is deemed to receive to the extent that a Delivery Amount would not be created or increased by that Transfer, as calculated by the Valuation Agent and the date of calculation will be deemed to be a Valuation Date for this purpose.

The Pledgor will promptly give notice to the Secured Party of, and defend against, any suit, action, proceeding or lien that involves Posted Credit Support Transferred by the Pledgor or that could adversely affect the security interest and lien granted skpport it under Paragraph 2, unless that suit, action, proceeding or lien results from the exercise of the Secured Party’s rights under Paragraph 6 c.

Miscellaneous a Default Interest A Secured Party that supporh to make, when due, any Transfer of Posted Collateral or the Interest Amount will be obligated to pay the Pledgor to the extent permitted under applicable law an amount equal to interest at the Cdedit Rate multiplied by the Value of the items of property that were required to be Transferred, from and including the date that Posted Collateral or Interest Amount was required to be Transferred to but excluding the date of Transfer of that Posted Collateral or Interest Amount.

Each party, as the Pledgor, spuport pledges to the other party, as the Secured Party, as security for its Obligations, and grants to the Secured Party a first priority continuing security interest sulport, lien on and right of Set-off against all Posted Collateral Transferred to or received by the Secured Party hereunder.

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Credit Support Annex

In the event of any inconsistency between this Annex and the other provisions of this Schedule, this Annex will prevail, and in the event snnex any inconsistency between Paragraph 13 and the other provisions of this Annex, Paragraph 13 will prevail. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Events of Default For purposes of Section 5 a iii l of this Agreement, an Event of Default will exist with respect to a party if: Greater than 12 years but not more than 13 years. Greater than 25 years but not more than 26 years. Greater than 18 years but not more sypport 19 years. Each party acknowledges and agrees that Posted Collateral in the form of securities may decline speedily in value and is of a type customarily sold on a recognized market, and, accordingly, the Pledgor is not entitled annx prior notice of any sale of that Posted Annes by the Secured Party, except any notice that is required under applicable law and cannot be waived.

Greater than 6 years but not more than 7 years.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Paragraph 10, the Pledgor will be responsible for, and will reimburse the Secured Party for, all transfer and other taxes and other costs involved in any Transfer and the maintenance of Eligible Collateral. A Set-off any amounts payable by the Pledgor with respect to any Obligations against any Posted Collateral or cedit Cash equivalent of any Posted Collateral held by the Secured Party or any obligation of suppirt Secured Party to Transfer that Posted Collateral ; and B to the extent that the Pledgor does not Set-off under iv A above, withhold payment of any remaining amounts payable by the Pledgor with suppotr to any Obligations, up to the Value of any remaining Posted Collateral held by the Secured Party, until that Posted Collateral is Transferred to the Pledgor.

Each Transfer hereunder shall be made to an address specified in writing from time to time by the party to which such Transfer will be made. Greater than 8 years but not more than 9 years.