年10月21日 3G SYSTRA 3G System Training Service Description CTXX Issue en Nokia Networks Oy 错误!使用“开始” 应用于要在此处显示的文字. 3G SYSTRA. Introduction to 3G & UMTS Identify what is meant by the term 3G and briefly outline the work completed by the specification bodies. Furthermore. Directory: 3G/4G develop. Plat: PDF Size: KB Downloads: 4. Upload time: Uploader: joyraj. Description: This book on 3G system.

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If we put the transcoder somewhere else, say just after the MSC, we can not get a significant advantage either. In addition, there are two more elements in the NSS: Ciphering is also carried out for security reasons. The Cellular Management Unit part systtra responsible for the cells and radio channels.

The generation and function of the HON are explained in the following text. It can be seen that syshra mobile station is sending information periodically. Careful network planning is thus a primary aspect of implementing GSM networks.

3G SYSTRA – Overview to UMTS Network Planning & Radio Resource Management

We will describe the transcoder functions in more detail later. One important task is to choose between leased lines and microwave links. There is a uniform set of standard messages in the signalling repertoire.

This process is described below: Paging ssytra subscriber for mobile terminated calls. This section contains a step by step analysis of setting up a connection between a telephone in a fixed network and a GSM mobile station that is, a mobile phone. Furthermore, we can perform field-testing in order to identify the performance from the user’s point of view.


The receptionist carefully checks the passport of the professor.

Firstly, the increase in the number of subscribers requires network expansion at the right times and places. The second part was the user of these messages.

This document and the product it describes are considered protected by copyright according to the applicable laws. The called subscriber knows – at least he should know – whether he is using the services of a foreign network or some chargeable supplementary services of his home network, and therefore he is liable to pay for them.

The main objective here is to optimise the network in a cost-efficient way. There are eight different sequence patterns, and the one to be used is determined at the time of call set-up.

The network receives the request and registers the mobile in the new VLR area. Message bearers taking the message to their managers The initial phase of SS7 consisted of two parts: Furthermore, the common and dedicated channels are grouped in different multiframes.

These are admission, code, power, handover, and diversity control without using any references if not otherwise stated. Let us move on and take a closer look at the mobile network. Signalling units There are six different types of signalling units. Here we see the actual implementation of it. Which of the following are factors in network planning? Topics to be covered in this module include understanding the network databases and the information stored within them.

How can we maintain the connection in such cases? A Virtual connection uses packet type switching principles and the wystra only exists when packets or messages are being transferred. Connection establishment between the MS and the NSS, mobility management, statistical raw data collection as well as Air and A interface signalling support. The first is a call originating from the fixed network. By this method, one frequency resource can be shared by a maximum of eight mobile users.


Let us start with the registration process and the various databases involved in it. Instead, the first MSC keeps record of the call as long as it lasts. It monitors the exchange continuously and 3gg recovery procedures if errors occur.

00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan-06)

3y late August there were GSM networks operating in different countries, and by the end of the yearthere were million GSM users worldwide. This document and the product it describes are considered protected by copyright according to the applicable laws. It can support non call related signalling. A well-known professor is travelling around the world. Configuration management Performance management In performance management, the NMS collects measurement data from g3 network elements and stores it in a database.

In this chapter we will see how Nokia has implemented the full GSM network with its various network elements. Let us suppose that three subscribers from three countries Finland, Italy and the USA are in the same location and their mobile stations try to register with the same VLR. EFR coding gives better speech quality at the same xystra rate than normal full rate. The implementation of the switching and signalling network sytsra also be considered.