The first edition of Lord Ifor Evans1 A Short History of English Literature was hailed by the Observer: 3Professor Evans writes to the classical model, brief and . Secretary, the British Institute of Adult Education. A SHORT HISTORY OF. ENGLISH LITERATURE. BY. B. IFOR EVANS i;z 72, PE FOACES. Leave this boolc. Nothine in Oid English Literature can compaxe with Beol’ Ai i has tbe size ad dignity of a cldsical he nehB &v{l to the stories of the Germanic .

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He felt, as Swift and Steme had done, the cruel disparity between what life was and what it might be.

As a result one cannot assess Anglo-Saxon literature or medieval literature from the extant manuscripts. English literature to So it is with Thomas Gccleve, and with John Lydgate, though die latter at least cannot be accused of indolence.

Liteeature it was in the great houses of the Elizabethans, and in the Gy of the Queen herself. Bring me my Row of burning gold; Bring trie my Arrows of desire: He tells of his love to Pandarus, Crcssida’s uncle, the comic, friendly, sensual go-between, whose comments and wit make him the first fully drawn figure in our literature. Public Private login e. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

A Short History of English Literature

His own life seems to have had a beauty and simplicity such shlrt the lush monks had brought into their settlements in England ; but in him this simplicity was combined with an outstanding greatness of mind. But oft, in lonely rooms, and mid the din Of towns and cities, I have owed to them, In hours of weariness, sensations sweet, Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart; Literagure passing even into my purer mind, With tranquil restoration: No journey was ever more fateful to a poet, no people more unwittingly unkind to genius.

The title promises a simple rustic book but the poems are clever, mock-simple, courtly pieces. They sat beside hirn in the garden, or in the trees, gathering around him as naturally as a group of friends.


He was aware of the material world, of the ‘dark Satanic Mills’, but in his own exulting way he overcame them: At the other end of the spectrum Laurence Sterne’s “Tristam Shandy” which sounds a lovable but illogical book – I must search for my lost copy!!

These, with his lyrics, the ballades, and rondels, would have made him a considerable poet for his century, but three other works set him apart as a great poet in the history of poetry in general.

The classical epic of Homer and Vergil, on whose histoy Milton had based his poems, is now litde read, at least in the original languages.

A Short History of English Literature – Ifor Evans, Bernard Bergonzi – Google Books

University of South Australia Library. All this should evana remembered when the attempt is made, as so often, to judge Eavns solely from three poems, ‘The Ancient Mariner’, ‘Kubla Khan’, and ‘ChristabeP, composed during the period of his closest association with Wordsworth.

Of the first Caedmon, something is recorded of his life but next to ‘ nothing of his work. A poem is that species of composition, which is opposed to works of science, hy proposing for its immediate object pleasure, not truth; and from all other species – having this object in common with it – it is discriminated by proposing to itself such delight from the whale, as is compatible with a distinct gratification from each component pari.

Jennifer Marcum rated it liked it Jan 28, Sir Thomas Wyatt was a courtier and diplomat who kept his head, in more than one sense of the word, in the troubled Court of Henry VI II, and the Shoort of Surrey was a nobleman who went to the scaffold at the age of thirtyWyatt, who could write grace- ful and sad-toned lyrics successfully, when he was englihs thinking of Italian models, struggled to render into English the fourtcen-line Italian form of the sonnet.


Wyatt and Surrey have so often been grouped together in histories ol literature that they seem almost as inseparably linked as the names of two drapers. The situation is not unlike that at the end sort the Victorian age. Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”?

See skulking Truth to her old Cavern fled, Mountains of Liherature hcap’d o’er her ecans If his verses are less read than once they were, and even if he is remem- bered by that ode ‘To a Skylark’, the least characteristic of his poems, he has had some permanent influence on life, for with his translucent spirit he has touched the philoso- phy of progress untii it has become vision, and from vision, Hie may come, John Keats 1 1the last-born of the romantics, and the first to die, has a story as miraculous as any in English literature.

This single location in Queensland: Homer it may not be, but it is a poem, and one svans has given a genuine enjoyment.

Whilst round about them pleasantly did sing Many fair Ladies, and lascivious boys, That ever mixed their song with light licentious toys. He brought into his poems new interests, medieval in ‘The Bard’, and Scandinavian in ‘The Descent of Odin’, but with the whole of the classical and medieval world witliin his grasp it is sad that some melancholy or inertia held him from composition.

This single location in Victoria: He was puny, ill-made, venomous, unjust, splenetic, and his enemies have found occasion to emphasize each item in the inventory of defects. He is the lover and ifof sensualist, but his mind reviews liteerature love in the terms of philosophy, or explores it with the images gathered in his scientific and englishh reading So it is in his poem ‘The Good-Morrow’: