A Woman has ratings and 55 reviews. Chiara said: «Alfine mi riconquistavo, alfine accettavo nella mia anima il rude impegno di camminar sola, di lott. Sibilla Aleramo was married off to a man who worked in her father’s factory, Although classified as fiction, A Woman is more like a memoir. Sibilla Aleramo is the pseudonym of Rina Faccio, Italian author (14 August , Alessandria – 13 January , Rome). She was a feminist best known for her autobiographical depictions of life as a woman in late 19th century Italy.

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Please provide an email address. Una lettura d’epoca, uno scritto coraggioso al momento della pubblicazione, interessante come quadro storico del costume del periodo. For the whole cult of mamma and flirtation and socialism it is without doubt the most misogynist place in Europe, superstition and state combining to reduce women to pretty things for boiling pasta and rearing children. A very personal account of what it is like to alramo an Italian woman wo,an the fin de siecle.

Views Read Edit View history. Its characters are human, not archetypes, and, like life, the story is inspired and apalling by turns. She identified a willingness on the part of other female writers to imitate the idealized models set forth by established male writers.

The life of a woman in prewar Italy. Un ringraziamento va alla prof. A formarsi, a pensare, a riflettere. Cosa che poi ha fatto, ma ad un prezzo sicuramente molto alto.

During this political and socio-economic climate, you have a woman writing a book exploring feminism. E’ l’autobiografia di una parte di vita di una donna italiana della borghesia italiana di inizio Bg.

Society demanded total, selfless dedication from a mother to her offspring and from a wife to her husband. I picked it up after my Italian had vastly deteriorated, which was a severe handicap because Aleramo tends to write in a formal style with sentences that go on for so long that by the end of the sentence you’ve forgotten the beginning The publication of A Woman transformed Aleramo from a struggling writer to an internationally acclaimed author.


In the post-unification days, the new citizens founded several political movements that attracted members of the Italian workforce. Those who did not marry still had only one other acceptable choice: Powerful, beautifully written, gut wrenching. It, honestly, changed my life. Alcune considerazioni presenti in esso sono condivisibili oggi pure.

A Woman – Sibilla Aleramo – Google Books

This well-written translation introduces a complex theme without being reductive or pretentious and without moralizing. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This book is fascinating in its dissection of a marriage and in her translation of the nuances of domestic life.

After receiving a particularly savage beating at his hands, she attempts suicide by ingesting poison and is saved by a local doctor. Apparently the narrator rejects typical female roles in the aleraom.

Sibilla Aleramo

At about the halfway point, Aleramo hits her stride as she examines traditional ideals such as motherhood:. The last part—just three chapters—focuses squarely on the psychological forces that motivate the young woman to finally abandon the conjugal home and her son. The protagonist frowns upon the southern Italian way of life, and is especially critical of the women.

This book sounds perfect for it — and fascinating, in its own right. Her first novel followed her life.


But a good mother must not be simply a victim of self sacrifice, as mine had been: Addressing her book to young, middle-class women, Mozzoni urged them to forgo restrictive traditions for new horizons. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. There is also the style, very florid and overwrought.

Been there done that but not in Italy unfortunately. Per questo credo aleram ci sia ancora molta strada da fare e sempre per questo sono fermamente convinta che questo testo, in quanto classico inoppugnabile della letteratura italiana e importante testimonianza sulla condizione della donna e la storia dell’emancipazione femminile, necessiti di essere inserito di buon grado nei programmi ministeriali per le scuole. The father especially finds the townspeople to be backward and corrupt. Her first book described her decision to leave her husband and son and move to Rome, which she did in At the dawn of the twentieth century, Sibilla Aleramo was poised to add her voice to the growing chorus of those demanding a better life for Italian women and in a more dramatic way than she had ever done before, with the publication of her novel.


A Woman |

Beales, Derek, and Eugenio F. In the end, Aleramo did not want to write an autobiography but a story about a woman who resembled many others. Despite these obvious autobiographical influences, Aleramo stopped short of labeling A Woman an autobiography.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat However, whether one liked Aleramo’s novel or not, the book was an vy in the mainstream of Italian literary life, impossible to get around without careful inspection.

I do not for a second doubt that it was ground-breaking when it came out though.

Aleramo’s lightly fictionalized memoir pres For a book that sent shock waves through the European literary establishment and, since its original publication in has gone through seven editions along with highly acclaimed translations into all the principal languages of Europe, A Woman Una Donna by Sibilla Aleramo has remained curiously obscure in America. Throughout the 20th century, Womwn was mostly remembered for her tumultuous love affairs, with partners that included Umberto Boccioni and Dino Campana The film Un Viaggio Chiamato Amoreby Michele Placidodepicts Aleramo’s affair with the latter.

Orientalism in One Country.