ADTRAN Total Access is a fixed-port Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing a single ADSL2+, , T1 ATM and T1 DTM network interface. For an excellent-performance WAN access routing, get the Adtran , a 1-port router that is specially designed to support either TDM or ATM. For LAN and. Buy Adtran Total Access ADSL2+ Integrated Services Router. TA ADSL 4TH GEN MUX-CP. 4 x FXS, 1 x, 1 x ADSL WAN, 1 x 10/Base-TX LAN, 1 x.

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To the Holder of the Manual The contents of this manual are current as of the date of publication. Cautions signify information that could prevent service interruption. Warnings provide information that could prevent damage to the equipment or 60 to human life. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Check with local codes for special disposal instructions. Advance notification and the opportunity to maintain uninterrupted service are given.

The telephone company may require this equipment to be disconnected from the network until the problem is corrected or it is certain the equipment is not malfunctioning.

CPE to a 1. Customer Service, Product Support Information, and Training ADTRAN will replace or repair this product within the warranty period if it does not meet its published specifications or fails while in service.

Warranty information can be found at www. If additional support is needed, the ADTRAN Support web site provides a variety of support services such as actran searchable knowledge base, updated firmware releases, latest product documentation, service request ticket generation and trouble-shooting tools. The last two digits of the product name indicate the number of on-board FXS ports. The units can provision, test, and provide status for any of the voice and data interfaces.

All connections are made via the rear panel. Figure 2 shows the Total Access front panel as a representative of both models.

Total Access 604 ADSL2+ (4th Gen)

The front panel provides eight status LEDs to monitor operation and activity. AC power is operational, but the battery is not functional. AC power has failed and the battery is functional. Layer adtrwn is up. T1 is in red alarm or T1 sync loss has occurred. Layer 2 is up.

Section 2 Engineering Guidelines Figure 5. Total Access Series shipment. You can also build your own adapter by purchasing unassembled adapter kits from Black Box or Datacomm Warehouse or other equivalent companies. All other pins are unused. For more details on the battery backup system installation and operation, refer to the documentation available for your specific 6004 backup unit. Section 2 Engineering Guidelines Specification After unpacking the unit, inspect it for possible shipping damage.


Proceed to the steps given in Supplying Power to the Unit on page The Total Access Series units come equipped with wall mount brackets preinstalled. Section 3 Network Turnup Procedure It contains information about navigating the VT user interface, configuration information, and menu descriptions. Cancel an edit Close pop-up help screen Move between the left and right panes Move to the top of a screen LB interface. Section 4 User Interface Guide Press this key Go to this menu To help you follow the terminal menu hierarchy, the following notations are used: Read only Displays the serial number for the entire system configuration including specific network adhran, FXS specifics, and specialized software, as well as the base chassis.

This serial number must be programmed at ADTRAN and will display dashes for any unit manufactured prior to this serial number addition. By default, no password is entered. Table 2 on page 52 provides port provides full access to all menus.

Adtran 4213640L1TDM Total Access 604

Section 4 User Interface Guide menu. Figure 4 shows the items from this menu.

Total Access Series System Manual field displays. Total Access Series System Manual menu. The netmask of A “0” bit means “don’t of For additional information, reference RFC The lower the log level, the more messages that will be generated. UDP packets sent and received by the system.

Messages are only generated for ATM products. Layer 1 messages provide status and alarm information on the state of the physical interface for example, up or down. Frame Relay log messages provide information for frame relay packets sent to and from the unit as well as link status information.

Section 4 User Interface Guidethe unit will receive time directly You can configure any PC running Microsoft Windows with this software, and store a configuration file. Before using TART default gateway if required. ISR Utilization information is only available for 3rd Gen systems and will always show 0 on 2nd Gen units. The transmitted data is the identical line code that was received, including any bipolar violations. Section 4 User Interface Guide when the unit and the other for.


Total Access Series units also or a fixed rate. Displays the current signal to noise ratio on the ADSL link in decibels. Section 4 User Interface Guide 12 dB See the submenus for more information.

Only available when using a T1 network interface. The customer loop is forced off-hook while this test is active. Section 4 User Interface Guide 0. Used to test signaling sent to the network by the unit. Off-hook signaling is sent to the network.

For example, T1, Ethernet, V. Configured Layer 2 protocol.

Total Access Battery Backup System

The unit will only allow PAP to be negotiated. The choices are ITU P Number of cells discarded due to queue overflow. Clears all recorded statistics adtrn returns all counters to 0. A new inserted profile keys. Total Access Series System Manual respectfully.

Sets the DSX interface to use ground start signaling. Section 4 User Interface Guide Configure the interfaces and bridge table parameters from this menu.

The Ethernet port will always appear in the regardless of the L2 protocol mode setting. Allows the direction at which RIP advertisements are sent and received to be specified. If set to be translated through NAT. The parameter descriptions follow. This field is only Section 4 User Adtrah Guide. Total Access Series System Manual. Section 4 User Interface Guide table.

Total Access Series System Manual and removes it if it was previously 0. Configures various network parameters assigned to all hosts given an IP address from the configured address pool. Note that this counter would include datagrams counted in met this discretionary discard criterion. The number of IP datagram fragments that have been generated as a result of 064 at this unit. View the UDP table statistics from this menu. In entities where the state, plus the number of times state from the state.

Unresolved entries time out in 3 minutes.

Adtran L1#TDM – VoIP Supply

Section 4 User Interface Guide Default is 0 – L2 Protocol configuration fields. The DS0 menu is shown in 640 For voice connections FXS or FXOthe valid port range is limited by the number of installed voice ports on your system.

For example, a Total Access has 4 available voice ports, a Total Access has 8 available voice ports, etc.