Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado. animgif. The philosophical notion that the cosmos is filled by a superfine gas, called Aether, originates. May 1, Aethro Kinematics Steven Rado Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. File Size, MB. Create Date, May 1, Aethro-kinematics Amazon. Steven Rado () Steven Rado () Biography. All rights reserved. © Aethron Press. SetevenRado’s.

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Statis- tically they have an average speed and an average collision free path, meaning that the gas has an average density, a given compressibility and elasticity.

Aethro-Kinematics is an alternative theory for resolving the perplexities of modern mathematical physics and cosmology. Cashback within 3 days from shipment.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I haven’t yet finished it, but he gives one hope that we may some day learn to understand our Universe intuitively if we can first really understand the kinetic theory of gases. The theory also assumed that the extent of this contraction should be proportional to both the speed of motion kinemstics the object and the speed of light.

On the other hand,in its development the electromagnetic theory was wholly dependent and aetrho understandable through the mechanical transmission of forces and energy by the hypothetical aether,pervading all of space. The text book of the 21th century Praise for this Title: He does go into some ethical discussions towards science, mostly sarcastically, and there are a few typos here and there, and one or two charts that have some mistakes like obviously accidental arrows left in.

According to the classical principle of relativity no mechanical experiment can reveal the difference between the two systems. The postulates of relativity were not based on logic or understanding but on the total surrender to the bare experimental facts. Before the appearance of Einstein, Lorentz attempted to explain this phenomenon based on the electromagnetic structure of matter and its motion relative to the Aether.

Nevertheless, his hypothesis bogged down like all others because of the lack of a workable model of the Aether. Tutorial Catia – dmu kinematics Vr R With the same method,the forces acting on the bodies can also be described by the x,y,z components kinematkcs the force vector.

If the room is closed,the air kinmatics forced to move with it. Light, in this gaseous medium was thought to be minuscular compression waves propagated throughout the Universe just like the sound-waves in air.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Its message is one of extreme importance to the science of physics. Could this be how we shall be taught physics in the next century?

Thus, Modern Physics concluded that one of the two fundamental theories of classical physics, or both must be definitely wrong. This contraction is extremely small at ordinary velocities.

Common Sense Physics – AETHRO-KINEMATICS

If the light propagated in the same direction as the Earth moves in the motionless Aether,the speed of light should measure It seems there has to be a medium of transmission of “stuff” through space. The whole room is in motion relative to the coordinate system of the outside observer. He derived a mathematical formalism which, in a roundabout way explained the Michelson Null Result and the discrepencies found in particle accelerators.

Took physics again at a university, same thing. Let’s add a variable kjnematics a constant that’ll fix it!

Hence, Aether ,inematics been replaced by this unique mathematical Space but it has preserved the whole initial duality conflict within itself. So eventually, after reading all these aethri and getting irritated, I afthro further and further back to the original flaw, which was the interpretation of the “michelson-morley experiment” null result. On a train,riding smoothly on a straight track,the balls on a billiard table obey exactly the same laws of mechanics as in the pool hall on the ground.

Nevertheless, the validity of these simplifications is limited, because at higher speeds of flight the air is unable to dissipate the accumulating density in front of the moving solid and therefore cannot preserve its isotropic density.

From the nature of inertia,follows the classical principle of relativity,which states that no mechanical experiments can distinguish between the state of rest and the state of uniform motion on a straight line.

Aethro – kinematics – Aethro-kinematics – Steven Rado

Offer valid only once per customer. The theories of Relativity and their postulates did not resolve this problem. Parte 3 de 9 On the other hand,in its development the electromagnetic theory was wholly dependent and perfectly understandable through the mechanical transmission of forces and energy by the hypothetical aether,pervading all of space.

This formula tells us that the relation between force, mass and acceleration is totally independent from the initial and final speed of the object. Both describe the phenomena in their fields quantitatively,in terms of consistent mathematical relationships,but offer no conceptual understanding for their effectiveness.


Aethro – kinematics

However,at the same time,it must be able to pass heavenly bodies without the slightest measurable resistance: In higher orders, the Milky-way and billions of other Galaxies could be local knematics in the all-pervading cosmic Aether. Modern physics is primarily a declaration of this fact and that this kinemativs cannot be and will not be solved by classical logic or common sense. Before I bought the book, I checked the corresponding website, and it looked horrible, like it was programmed back in the 80s on geocities.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The surprising experimental results were that the particles approaching the speed of light required increasingly greater force for the same unit of acceleration. I recommend this book for all schools and libraries. Sound spreads in still air through spherical compression waves. The method of calcu. And Steven Rado makes an eloquent and irrefutable case for that claim. In the beginning of the book actually like the whole first halfit begins by explaining the history of what led up to modern physics at least as it was in when this book was published.

Get to Know Us. We can not know how xethro it will take for these new concepts to take hold, but when the revolution finally explodes, I am sure that your book and your ideas will have a prominent place in the vanguard.

I read the little “General Relativity” book aehro starters, read Hawking’s books, watched the Feynman lectures, looking for some tiny grain of critical thinking I could grasp on to I also looked at digital physics and chaos theory towards the end of my search.

As kinematisc Aether theory strengthened the hope gradually increased that a unification of mechanics and electromagnetism might be achieved by designing a workable model of the Aether with characteristics that somehow eliminate the problems of duality.

In order to transmit light-waves with the speed of The somewhat simpler system of quantum theoryrevolutionizes the classical conception of continuity of energy and radiation and empirically establishes the fundamental quantumof interchange of energy between radiation and matter.

Aethro-kinematics opens the door to new technologies. Your knowledge of science and the problems of “modern” science is absolutely overwhelming.