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When, in a state of exception, politics becomes indistinguishable from the logic of war, we are all the objects of decision making whose rights are beside the point.

For Schmitt, there can be no violence absolutely exterior to the nomos, because revolutionary violence, once the state of emergency is established, always finds itself to be included in the law. Constitutionalists have failed to reach any consensus on these issues, but that is not the same as remaining silent.

For a more focused reading of these four thinkers on virtually the same issues, see B eatrice H anssenC ritique of V iolence Routledge The state of exception is one of those zones. Rewriting the history of the state of exception.

The Purse and the Sword. But precisely because this decision concerns a nullification of the norm, and consequently, because the state of emergency represents the control of a space that agambne neither external nor internal, ‘the sovereign remains exterior to the normally valid legal order, and nevertheless belongs to it.

A H istorical and L egal S tudy ] F. Bush on 13 November subjecting non-citizens suspected of terrorist activities to indefinite detention and military tribunals as the most recent in stto line of emergency measures that open a no-man’s-land between the political and the juridical. Even if the form of the declaration is relatively informal, it would not be correct to identify the senatus consultum ultimum as a legal void.

Agamben could have advanced a thicker sense of preservation and formalism beyond the point at which the imagination of constitutionalists might sometimes fail. The term identifies a gap between the efficacy of the law and its formal essence, and this means that acts that do not have the value of law can acquire the ‘force-of-law. I mean that we need a logic of the field, as in physics, where it is impossible to draw a line clearly and separate two different substances.


First—and this is a tendency that Agamben notes in modern Western democracies, now ecczione hold elsewhere as well—emergency regimes tend to deal with threats through so-called special laws rather than constitutional provisions or ad hoc decrees.

Stato di eccezione

For Agamben, it is astounding that, despite the debate between philosophers and legal theorists occasioned by this lecture, there has been little analysis of the ‘enigmatic formula’ that provides its title. Certainly, his persistent invocation of the Holocaust to dramatize modern forms of exclusion and outlawry puts him in the company of twentieth-century ethicists ranging from Emmanuel Levinas 6 to Judith Shklar, who drew upon the Holocaust as the ultimate experiential grounding for their theories.

Schmitt’s influence on Benjamin has always appeared scandalous, but Agamben attempts to reverse this scandal, suggesting that Schmitt’s theory of sovereignty must be read as response to Benjamin’s ‘ Critique of Violence.

Translated by Kevin Attell. It is true that constitutional theorists are generally pragmatic commentators on institutional design. The importance of this model has only increased over time.

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Despite their normative eccezioen, the arbitrary detentions and the other apparent suspensions of due process standards that followed are not particularly surprising from the point of view of mainstream constitutional debates. Under the Roman constitution, a dictator was a special type of magistrate selected by the consuls, whose wide powers were conferred by means of a lex curiata that defined their scope. In the last century, it provided a point of departure for both Clinton Rossiter and Carl Schmitt in their accounts of states of emergency.

A G uide for the P erplexed Continuum Books 81— Far from being a hallmark of totalitarian rule, the state of exception ‘presents itself as a zone of indetermination between democracy and absolutism. Interviewed in the German Law JournalAgamben describes this methodology in his clearest terms thus far: This figure of generalized catastrophe under ztato sky void of transcendental authority haunts Agamben’s description of a ‘global civil war’ characterized by ‘governmental violence that ignores international law externally and produces a permanent state of exception internally, while all the time pretending to uphold the law.


The language of indistinction and undecidability is often descriptively appropriate, and this is evident in numerous scholarly accounts of the blurred distinctions between war and crime, sovereignty and territorial control, combatant and civilian, legal and political decisions, all of which have increased since September 11, Email alerts New issue alert.

Related articles in Web si Science Google Scholar. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. L egal I nfo. Citing articles via Web of Science 2. Thus, far from treating it as a questio facticonstitutionalists have been forced to reconceptualize entirely states of emergency.

Homo sacer: Stato di eccezione – Giorgio Agamben – Google Books

Hitler, in particular, was Chancellor of the Reich, legally appointed by the president. Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception Stato di eccezione. It is a limit zone where logic and practice intermingle and a pure violence without logos activates an enunciation with no real referent.

The remaining chapters, which resemble literary criticism, include a rereading of Walter Eccszione work on the permanent ecceezione of emergency, the dossier of a half-imaginary intellectual debate between Benjamin and Carl Schmitt, and a philological discussion of the terms potestas and auctoritas.

Proportionality, constitutional law, and sub-constitutional law: And the system is always double; it works always by means of opposition.

For him, the generalization of temporary measures reveals a blurring of distinctions between law and politics. In truth, the early Roman dictatorship is just as apt a model for modern states of emergency as the senatus consultum. Agamben si that the state of emergency is the means invented by Schmitt to respond to this postulation of a pure violence.

The powers enjoyed by the magistrates under the iustitium resulted not from the conferment eccezoone a dictatorial imperium but from the suspension of laws that limited their actions. A reply to Aharon Barak.