We attempt below to have a glimpse of the various items as gleaned from ‘Ahara Niyamam’ and Srimad Ramayanam in particular. It should be understood that. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” (dietary regimen) the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. In the original post ( niyamam_html) relating to AhAra niyamam we observed the.

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Yet for day to day eating for a regular person its ok. When in doubt about the raw material or the process involved, it is always better to avoid such food items. Siru Keerai Amaranth us Gangeticu nniyamam Because its ingredient is “cooked rice” carried forward from the previous night, the cold brew is called in Tamil as “pazhai-yathu” Kindly clarify this Swami.

Here are the questions we asked swAmy and his answers: Irali Ficus Virens 4. Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V. He is known as the “old-Groom” in SriVaishnava theology and poetry One has to wash it with water and then offer it to EmperumAn and then consume.

It is said No for aval but wasn’t that given by Kuchelar to Lord Krishna? Overnight due to a process of mild fermentation the mix of “cooked rice and water” will churn into a rich cold brew called “pazhai-yathu”.

Foods smelt by animals or people Foods touched by people with disease Foods that are not offered with kindness Foods contacted by fly, ahaar, thread, hair, and nail Foods offered by sanyaasi or touched by his vessel Foods touched by the mouth of people, rats, chicken, aharq, and cat.


Siriya Avarai Beans If it becomes necessary to eat totally prohibited items in order to save life, a bit of ghee or honey could be mixed with them and taken.

One day upavAsam fasting. It is the special nutritional aharra of “pazhai-yathu” consumed by them which sustains them through the day and prevents de-hydration. In the days of my childhood, there used to be a different sort of brew other than coffee which was made mandatory for young, school-going members of the family.

Vegetables and keerai Vallarai keerai thoodhuvalai keerai mendhiya keerai agathi keerai continued Ramanuja Dasan 5 February at It doesn’t mean arali is not good its just arali is meant for specific deities.

Foods prepared with milk, like thirattuppaal, snacks like thEnkuzhal, muRukku, etc.

It would help if you had a list of pathyiams and apathiyams dos and don’ts in this blog similar to this that could be applicable to all people, and niyamamm explain why the reasoning behind it.

Yes – with plain rice, we should add ghee before offering. Vilvakkai Crataeva Religiosa This is not an attempt to find fault in anyone or look down upon niyama, food habbits. Sridharan who is adiyen’s Apthar prepared a questionnaire on AhAra niyamam and requested adiyen to fill in the details.

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan

So, adiyen requested Sri U. Perhaps like Tulasi which some say is only offered to Vishnu only, like that Sitaphal niymaam not offered to Vishnu but could be offered to Devi? The other vegetables to be avoided are: Vellai Kathari White egg plant white brinjals 5.

Keerai types other than Agathi keerai and molai keerai? Foods intended for dEvathaas Foods offered to dEvathaas such as Sivan Foods that harm our praaNan and indhriyam Foods that are unrecognizable Foods that is intolerably hot temperature and spicy Foods those are not palatable and not pleasing to the mind Vegetables and flowers that bloom in an untimely fashion Food cooked in dirty salt.


Great and very useful compilation, Swami. The other problem is polished rice, I think this is also very problematic and what the correct rice be should be explained in detail as well.

emperumAnAr dharisanam: Srivaishnava AhAra niyamam – Q & A

Sarathy Thothathri 16 February at If they had 12 members in the family to feed, the quantity of rice they cooked would actually be sufficient to feed at least Maybe the list is similar to how we offer niyamma.

It is known to this day only to “bhaktA-s” who are extremely few in number and rare to find in the world. Aarai Masculia Quadrifoli a 9.

Tamarai Kizhangu Lotus bulb Nelumbo Nucifera Anonymous 28 May at After consulting with aachaaryaas, these principles have been laid out in this prabhandam. Guard yourself against the agnostics who aharz only in this transient body and world. Traditionally, foreign foods foods that originated from outside India and foods that were produced outside India are avoided.

niyakam During fasting days one can take water, roots, ghee, milk, sacrificial remnants, medicines – these will not spoil the fast. Sarathy Thothathri 9 November at Could you confirm if they’re allowed? Raghav 25 June at