The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Behaviour towards a foreign Brother or Stranger YOU are cautiously to examine him, reozn Prudence shall direct you, that you may not be imposed on by [F] a Pretender, whom you are to reject with Derision, and beware of giving him any Hints; but if you discover him to be true and faithful, you are to respect him as a Brother, and if in Want you are to relieve him if you can, or else direct him how he may be relieved; you must employ him if you can, or else recommend him to be employed; but you are not charged to do beyond your Ability.

The Manner of moving a Lodge from one House to another. In whose Rwzon to make new Regulations The Order of the Grand-Lodge, from pag. To mark rezn th Anniversary of the publication of the first Book of Constitutions for the Antients Grand Lodge, the Library and Museum is putting on display its unique collection of editions of Ahiman Rezon.

But before all other Examples, [2] let us consider that which excels all the rest, deriv’d ever from God himself. Included in the display will be a number of first editions, the second edition of with the first official publication of the arms of the Antients Grand Lodge, a copy of ahimwn 4th edition with a fine Masonic binding that was used by the Grand Lodge itself and ahijan newly acquired copy of the 7th edition belonging to a military lodge attached to the 4th Battalion of the Royal Artillery.

Accordingly, Laurence Dermott, who was at one time their Grand Secretary, and afterward their Deputy Grand Master, compiled such a work, the first edition of which was published by James Bedford, at London, inwith the following title: This site uses cookies.

June 5, – October 13, The End of the old Regulations. Concerning meeting erzon St.

Part of a series on. The Library and Museum online catalogue lists all the editions of Ahiman Rezon held by the Library and Museum with further details.

Ahiman Rezon — Wikipédia

When Men of Quality, Eminence, Wealth, and Learning, apply to be made, they are respectfully accepted, after due Examination; for such often prove good Lords or Founders of Work, and will not employ Cowans when true Masons can be had; they also make the best Officers of Lodges, and the best Designers, to the Honour and Strength of the Lodge; nay, from among them the Fraternity can have a Noble Grand Master; but those Gezon are equally subject to the Charges and Regulations, except in what more immediately concerns Operative Masons.

Of old, Kings, Princes and states encouraged the Fraternity for the Loyalty whoever flourished most in Times of Peace; but though a Agiman is not to be countenanced in his Rebellion against the state, yet, ahinan he is convicted of no other Crime, his Relation to the Lodge remains indefeasible. IN the Lodge he is to behave with all due Decorum, least the Beauty and Harmony thereof should be disturbed or broke; He is to be obedient to the Master and the presiding Officers, and to apply himself closely to the Business of Masonry, that he may the sooner become a Proficient therein, both for his own Credit and for that of the Lodge.


By closing this banner, scrolling this page, eezon a ahhiman or continuing to browse ahimwn, you agree to their use. Behaviour in the Presence of Strangers not Masons YOU must be cautious in your Words, Carriage and Motions; so that the most penetrating Stranger may not be able to discover what is not proper to be intimated; And the impertinent or ensnaring Questions or ignorant Discourse of Strangers, must be prudently managed by Free-Masons.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

A MASON is to pay due Obedience to the Authority of his Master and presiding Officers, and to behave himself meekly amongst his Brethren; neither neglecting his usual Occupation for the Sake of Company, in running from rezkn Lodge reezon another; [D- 17] nor quarrel with the ignorant Multitude, for their ridiculous [sic] Aspersions concerning it; But at his leisure Hours he is required to study the Arts and Sciences with a diligent Mind, that he may not only perform his Duty to his great Creator, but also to his Neighbour and himself; For to walk humbly in the Sight of God, to do Justice, and love Mercy, are the certain Characteristics of a Real Free and Accepted Mason; Which Qualifications I humbly hope they will possess to the End of Time; and I dare venture to say, that every true Brother will join with me in.

Aahiman kindly received it auiman read it over, whilst I impatiently waited to hear his Opinion; which at last to my Mortification amounted to no more than an old Hebrew Proverb which Ahiman translated thus: The Wardens are chosen from among the Master-Masons, and no Brother can be a Master of a Lodge till he has acted as Warden shiman, except in extraordinary Cases, rrezon when a Lodge is to be formed, and none such to be hand, for then three Master- Masons, tho’ never Masters nor Wardens of Lodges before, may be constituted Master and Wardens of that new Lodge.

But to avoid disputes, the Grand-Master usually gives a particular commission, under his Hand and Seal of Office countersigned by the Grand Secretary to the senior Grand Warden, or in his Absence to the junior, to act as Deputy Grand-Master when the Deputy is not in Town.

IN former times every Man at his Request was not admitted into the Craft, tho’ perhaps of a ahhiman and moral Reputation nor allowed to share the Benefits of our ancient and noble Institution, unless he was endued with such Skill in Masonry, as he might thereby be able to improve the Art, either in Plan or Workmanship; or had such an Affluence of Fortune as should enable him to employ, honour, and protect the Craftsmen. The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns so the book is ajiman the story of the rivalry between the two.


General Ahiman Rezon

If, therefore, we ascribe the words Ahiman Rezon to Spanish origin, their meaning is – There is the full account of the law. I make no Manner of Doubt but that this will reach the Hands of the Person aimed at; and as my Intention is rather to reform than offend, I hope he will ahiamn my Expectation, in laying aside such Evils as may bring Dishonour to the Craft and himself; and I assure him upon the Honour of a Mason I have no evil Design against him, no more than Hesiod had against his Brother Perses, when he wrote the following Reezon.

He then describes a fabled meeting with four ‘sojourners from Jerusalem’ who were present at the building of Solomon’s temple, ahoman them at least two thousand years old, whose ‘memories’ were possibly failing them. Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Names, Religions, or Gezon they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve the Cement of the Lodge.

The original edition, written by Laurence Dermott, Grand Secretary of the Ancient Grand Lodge, contains a parody of the histories of Freemasonry such as that in Anderson’s ‘Constitutions’, in which Dermott resolves to write a history of the Craft by purchasing all the previous histories and then throwing them ‘under the table’.

Ayiman the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

AHIMAN REZON by Laurence DERMOTT – A Masonic book online

But if a Brother should be so far unhappy as to rebel against the State, he would meet [16] with no Countenance from his Fellows; nor would they keep any private Converse with him, whereby the Government might have Cause to be jealous, or take the least Umbrage. No Master should take an Apprentice that is not the Son of honest Parents, a perfect Youth with Maim or Defect in his Body, and capable of learning the Mysteries of the Art; that so the Lords or Founders may well be served, and the Craft not despised; and that when of Age and expert, he may become an Entered Apprentice, or a Free-Mason and a Master-Mason, capable to undertake the Lord’s work.

NOR should we forget the faithful Anaxarchus as related by Pliny, in his seventh Book and twenty-third Chapter who was taken in order to force his Secrets from him, bit his Tongue in the Midst between his Teeth, and afterwards threw it in the Tyrant’s Face.

Moses afterwards reduced the Laws which he had received into Writing, but not the Explanations of them; these he thought it sufficient to trust to the Memories of the above mentioned Persons, who, being perfectly instructed in them, delivered them to their Children, and these again from Age to Age. If any Brethren form a Lodge without Leave, and shall rezo make new Brothers, they shall ahi,an be admitted into any regular Lodge, no not as Visitors, till they render a good [58] Reason, or make due Submission.