The purpose of this analysis is to carry on a PEST and SWOT analysis in the context of AirAsia ‘s international concern operations, placing the. AirAsia Berhad dba AirAsia MYX: is a Malaysian low-cost airline. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia’s. 1 CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW OF AIR ASIA AirAsia .. PESTEL ANALYSIS The PESTEL framework illustrates a comprehensive list of.

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Assets like accounts aiarsia, trading securities, and inventory are relatively easy for many companies to convert into cash in the short term. Landing and navigation charges are expensive in major destinations including Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

Pest Analysis On Airasia – Free Essays

These solutions are suggested to counter and ensure that Air Asia will remain as leading airlines services by maintaining airaia competitive advantages. Economic factors AirAsia is a low cost airline and it faces stiff competition from Malaysian Airline.

Travelers may non take AirAsia if they are to airasia pest analysis long distance flight. To keep all costs in check, the company has further pushed its online or internet services.

This enables them to place their mark market. Adding new paths and finishs are possible ; particularly there is growing Malaysia and East Asia touristry. Therefore, Air Asia net margin for the quarter that ended in Sep.

Private consumption was also supported by increased spending especially on food and beverage as well as other daily necessities following the massive floods in the east coast.


This system is easier and faster for clients and their household to look into in at or before they get to the airdrome without holding to line up up at the counter to look into in.

The company brand name is well known in the ASEAN especially that it has created strong image among the workforces in Asia Pacific and also the company’s strengths in management can bring this matter as another opportunity for them.

With the commitment in ensuring the security of staff and customers, they will pestdl more confident to fly via AirAsia. This basic foundation for doing business allows us the pleasure of serving our guests. The swot of kingfisher airlines discusses airasia pest analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of one of the leading indian airline companies strong brand value and reputation in the minds of the consumer ub group as airasia pest analysis parent company first indian airline to have a new fleet of planes quality service.

PEST and SWOT analysis of AirAsias international business operations

It indicates that the company cannot currently fully pay back its current liabilities. By doing such things, Air Asia was able to lower the cost on short haul. AirAsia offers airline online service that combines air ticketing with car hire, hotel bookings and travel insurance for enhanced AirAsia Travel Protection.

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January 24th, In other words, profitability ratios can be used to judge whether companies are making enough operational profit from their assets. The political influence on the aviation industry is instrumental towards the growth of the airline, specifically, in the Asia-Pacific and the ASEAN region. AirAsia has to cover with the competition of local companies in the same field- Airline services. AirAsia is one of the award winning and largest low fare anakysis in the Asia expanding rapidly since Collaboration with airports to adapt and develop existing facilities is required to minimize airport capital expenditure and reducing the environmental impact.


Agricultural Pesticides in China.

ROA shows how well a company uses what it has to generate earnings. Creative and low-priced advertisement significantly reduces selling cost.

In the values part, AirAsia will implement trough the following key strategies which are: New finishs are implemented to accomplish new market development. AirAsia creates values through the following vision and mission: Low fares offer by AirAsia has encourage people from all walks of life style to fly.

Pest Analysis On Airasia. AirAsia believes in the no-frills, hassle-free, low menu concern construct and feels that maintaining costs low requires high efficiency in every portion of the concern. However, the agriculture sector declined further by 4.

AirAsia has to cover with the competition of local companies in the same field- Airline airaisa. Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to As the rivalry is strong, Air Asia may constant in price reduction to compete with them. They know how large the market is and how good the chance is in Asia.