: Airborne (): Constance Sharper: Books. Airborne (The Airborne Saga Book 1) and millions of other books are available for. Grounded: The Airborne Saga #2 [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At last, Avery thought that she had made it back to. Windswept (The Airborne Saga) [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two years ago, Avery never could have pictured.

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Windswept (The Airborne Saga, #3) by Constance Sharper

Preview — Airborne by Constance Sharper. It is really not worth the read. She’s risky, reckless I can’t believe I waited so long to read this. A little less okay. May 04, Courtney Wyant rated it it was amazing Shelves: Which also tells me sometimes there is a reason you need to keep working and keep trying to be picked up by a publisher. Actually there is one thing I remember. One of them i can not remember but when I do I will post it but when Mason and Patrick were going to fight ,so that either Patrick had to stay away from Adalyn or Patrick gets to go on a date with Avery, it described Mason as the taller one and Patrick as the bulky one with muscles while in the front of the book it described it vise versa.

Jun 11, Courtney Wyant marked it as to-read. I originally pulled the book from the market for some minor tweaking and to redo the cover.

Jan 24, Laura rated it liked it. After a few stolen kisses we are expected to believe that they are ready to commit to each other forever. Airborne Saga Airborne 1 Grounded 2 Windswept 3 out in Avery’s best friend shxrper up betraying airborrne and Patrick tries to kill her, so she flees once again from her boarding school and rushes to the love of her life’s side; Mason.


Jun 04, Kagama-the Literaturevixen rated it did not like it.

Together they find out what Mikhail and The Band are doing. It kept me entertained on the way to a football game when I had nothi Lovely When the dust settles who will remain? The blurb sounded like it had so much potential. At least you more or less knew what her intentions were, and so did she.

Nice way to end the series. When I picked it up and started it I thought the same thing. More details to come. I honestly don’t think this book was edited.

Last fact about Patrick is that he is wanted dead or alive from the Harpy Prison with a reward for finding him. Harpies are arrogant, nasty, and very tall people human looking with angel wings.

To constaance married, that is.

Grounded: The Airborne Saga #2 – Constance Sharper – Google Books

Dec 31, Dana marked it as to-read. I get it, Sharper had to make it seem like Avery actually knew what she was talking about, but yeah, she didn’t Mason in context to Avery, bickering ” ‘You know, you’re not that bad looking for a human. Upon returning to school for her senior year, Avery finds things have not changed.

Pahel rated it really liked it Dec 04, It consfance better than the other person in their lives. Ain rated it really liked it May 22, Goodreads First Reads Amazon Goodreads Avery knew she had a knack for attracting trouble, but even she is shocked when a six-foot-something harpie shows up on her doorstep.


It made me feel like I wasn’t supposed to take them seriously, or even really consider them true characters to this story.

Book Review – Airborne (Airborne Saga #1) by Constance Sharper

Jan 20, Rebecca A. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is that constsnce story is somewhat wirborne, particularly for a YA audience.

Is there a next one in the series? That being said, I expect the novella out before the end of this year. Airborhe continues to write multiple books in the same and similar genres. It did end on a horrible cliff hanger, but the sequel, Grounded, was just released this month. The plot was so dumbed down, that things were explained to you at least three times, just in case you couldn’t understand it the second time around. You are not Austen Powers!

Well, my lovely reader, you want to hears a secret? Windswept is still coming out.

This is a well written book and I was able to feel the tension and humor in different situations. Mar 04, janie love rated it it ocnstance amazing. After narrowly escaping with the aid of all people, Nate, she reconnects with Mason. I most certainly will not be reading the next one. If you want another spoiler, it will be Mistel on the second cover.

Airborne by Constance Sharper Series: I give it two stars because I liked the very beginning, but it died fast.

Jul 17, Tamis rated it really liked it.