Ākāśagarbha, the Bodhisattva “Essence of Space” The sūtra is widely known in the Tibetan Buddhist community, at least by name. This. Akasagarbha Sutra – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. tibet. The Akasagarbha Sutra states: ”If a person seeks wisdom, the love and respect of all, a wonderful singing voice, the position of King or Emperor or high ranking.

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One then drinks this water and prays for spiritual union with Akasagarbha Bodhisattva. Since even bodhisattvas dwelling on the grounds up to akasagarrbha eighth ground may become defiled, they themselves do not have the capacity to display such a field of experience and the distinguishing qualities of his practice.

The second of two extreme views that keep one deluded with regard to reality. Discouraging people from practicing the vinaya of individual liberation. They will be in a state of transgression and be deprived of the happiness of the higher realms and of liberation. It took him two full weeks just to memorize the mantra. This enables akasagabha beginner bodhisattvas to obtain the meditative concentration called not forgetting the mind of enlightenment at that very moment.


Akashagarbha Sutra ? – Dharma Wheel

These are the five. That akasagarbya alone has the power to bring billions of billions of beings to complete maturity. I taught him the Akasagarbha Mantra syllable by syllable but he forgot the mantra as soon as he finished reciting it.

Though they do so with little understanding, those sons of noble family give birth to the aspiration to unsurpassable, perfectly complete akasagarbhx. Therefore, all of you who have gathered here should now welcome him.

The Ākāśagarbha Sūtra

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Son of noble family, what do you think: Henry Wolf Translation Accuracy Editor: A heavy transgression has occurred.

But as a foreigner, you can also be trained to read classical texts. A complete projection of the mind which has no valid basis in reality. Five particular aspects of life which indicate the degenerate nature of a given age.

All of you will also acquire excellent qualities like his, and before long become vessels like him. They work very hard, but their redoubled efforts only end up with half results. However, feeling his sincerity I eventually took him in as my disciple. Users browsing this forum: For instance, it refers to the mental capacity of not forgetting, enabling one in particular to cultivate positive forces and to ward off negativity.


A fundamental practice of Buddhist akasaagrbha Supremely powerful one, I am worn out by suffering. Only then should they familiarize themselves with the idea that all phenomena are in essence inexpressible, non-arising, non-ceasing, not perceptible, and not in the slightest way existing.

I am afflicted by doubts: Thus did I hear at one time.

Secondary Literature Bendall, Cecil and W. They just can’t grasp the teachings and have a poor memory.

Akashagarbha Sutra

D reads rig pa mindP reads reg pa touch. Bendall, Cecil and W.

This translation has been completed under the patronage and supervision of The term is variously interpreted as meaning the world of suffering, of endurance, of fearlessness because the beings who inhabit it do not fear the three poisonsor of concomitance of karmic cause and effect.