Find great deals for AKG D E Dynamic Wired Microphone. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Its smooth frequency response makes the D E/ES equally suitable for general purpose speech or instrument applications. Complete with SA60 stand adapter. I a/b’ed this with a 57 and a 58 this morning, and I couldn’t believe how clear it sounds. Anyone still use these in studio sessions? I’d love to get.

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Above all, the grid is a cluster of tiny metal balls, extremely durable, and very effective against plosives. These little devices boost the signal output of moving coil or ribbon microphones and present a workable level for your mixer or pre-amp. But hey, I’m obsd by the microphones. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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I love the color of this mic c190e vocals, and keeps carefully for it. Hence the reason why most of them go on for years and years.

Classic microphones (part 4) – AKG D | Tapesponding

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The D was an inexpensive AKG dynamic which never achieved much popularity. It just gets better and better now. Request a new review. The word means different things to different people.


I’m no expert on mics.

Also, some versions come fitted with on and off switches model type S or amg can come without. There should be no loss of sensitivity from this type of grille. All times are GMT Theyre ok, but i really like the sm57, md Particularly good on toms or snare apparently. But it does sound good to my ears.

Wired Dynamic Karaoke Microphones. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Can tapesponding also be a form of A. This site uses cookies. This AKG microphone uses electromagnetic induction to produce superior quality sound, regardless of the user’s intended application. Akf will make me sound services is sr. Anyone still use these in studio sessions?

Notify me of new comments via email. The time now is It was supplied with a padded box and stand adaptor. I bought a handful of figs years ago, and he sleeps in my safe I understand he is sincerely looking now at this point.

AKG D E Dynamic Wired Microphone | eBay

The simplicity of the D means it will most probably be very reliable. I have two des the s stands for switch, otherwise its the same mic. About Dave Anderson Tapesponding and recording enthusiast.

Whether to give an order of magnitude, to 60 euros, skip it! I own two of them. It is a dynamic microphone, old design 70easily recognized by its size, quite small, and its look very dated. I am happy to trs possder this microphone is not “indispensable” but allow me alternatives.


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This akh gem we see better in green on one foot exists in several versions of connectors, mine is an “E” ie neutrik connector cannon-modern. Im thrilled with wkg as a drum mic which is all Ive used it for so far but Im SURE it would be a great instrument mic also. This is a terrific microphone and favorably compares to e190e SMs that we all know and love.

Impedance is ohms and sensitivity at Hz: As soon as the opportunity presents itself. With its cardioid polar pattern, the AKG D E allows the user to be clearly understood whether speaking or singing despite any background music, filtering out unintended noise. You are commenting using your WordPress. Like many dynamics it will be fairly forgiving if the acoustics of your room are less than perfect. A breadboard apparatus that hopefully I will eventually be satisfied with and put in a proper cabinet -it is a hammond organ amp originally.