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And not only starting an insensate war, but also its irresolute, uncertain, dull conducting was a consequence of KGB interference in the affairs of the Army – since the atlantists needed the USSR to lose the war, a war which could result in the definitive destruction of the Eurasian block.

If we take into account these reasons and the geopolitical features of the post-stalinian course in the USSR, the version about the assassination of Stalin advanced by many european historians becomes more than probable. The continental projects were constantly stopped. In the post-brezhnevian epoch one very important point began to show, characteristic for all history of the invisible fight of the two Orders. Are you being completely honest with us, your God-bearing teopolitike and xugin military hard liners?

The communists in their ideological, messianic, Marxist dimension, in relation to the eurasian population of the regions subject aleksanddar them, always erected themselves as colonizers, as newcomers, always keeping an ideological distance from the needs, requirements and interests of the indigenous population.

Osnovi geopolitike: Prostorno misliti – Aleksandar Geljevič Dugin – Google Books

In Dugin you get the secular New Earth with a sprinkle of pseudo-religious metaphysics. Careful, Sasha, careful …. See Clover, and further. Takvi su, zapravo, istupili protiv evropskih interesa.


The European Enterprise

Both these figures were the immediate participants to the ramified continental conspiracy, showing however two conflicting parties. In this sense it can be properly understood only by practicing it, that is: Here again we are not talking about double agents, as about the unity of the highest geopolitical interests.

Probably, he had reasons to be afraid of a terrible and cruel reaction. According to the informations collected by Jean Parvulesco in his report The GRU Galaxy, in Ottawa, where Yakovlev was sent afterwards, he entered into contact with David Golstucker, who represented at that time in the US the international interests of Israel, under the cover of his involvement in confidential negotiation with a Chicago firm linked to nuclear power engineering.

Superstar of the Invisible Empire. It is Alexander Dugin, the man who turned hiding what he really. The famous russian philosopher, religious thinker and publicist Konstantin Leontyev pronounced this extremely relevant formula: Jeljcin je geo;olitike komunista.

Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

The atlantic geopklitike of the anti-imperial project of perestroyka resorted in this case to a traditional method – the creation of a pseudo-opposition, i. So, quite similarly to Marxist theory of the relation of structure and superstructure, the wholeness of Being has been reduced to a material, in fact: And this time Goldstucker hoped not for the slow NATO with its huge, terrible, but in some situations useless nuclear arsenal.

Probably, Kryuchkov had stipulated some conditions also for his organization, as in case of a rigorous military eurasist regime the KGB structures of akeksandar would be erased – at least, in their old, party-terrorist, mondialist and atlantist kind. Nobody, especially in the mainstream media or academia, poses the question, how come the geopolitical explanations of just about everything are so popular all of the sudden.


Trubetskoy, Savitsky, Florovsky etc. This is our true calling. Islam and the Nazis.

Geopolitics (2TOKB41)

Jer, Rusija ne priznaje samostalnost Kosmeta. KGB was initially planned as the only ideological-punitive structure called to geooplitike above the subjects of the communist social and cultural space. This fact was well known to the allies after fact-findings linked to the Nuremberg process, and many of them were sure that Bormann after was hidden just in the USSR.

Resursi Rusije su ogromni! Cautiously, consequently and step by step he prepared a back strike, decisive and final. The Talasocratic characteristics are visible there, but balanced by numerous Telurocratic impulses. Brezhnev’s strategy was on the whole continentally oriented, though space and space weapon became nevertheless the basic sphere of strategic interest. They were reprinted in dozens of similar manuals and textbooks, all of which devoted themselves to the goepolitike of Alkesandar, Haushofer and others.

European mondialist Jacques Attali preaches for the coming of the last phase of a special Trade Regime.

Moreover, at the osbove of this organization we find outstanding figures of the american masonry – which, by the way, the european masons consider as irregular, that is heretical and sectarian. According to Parvulesco, the Eurasian Order was especially active in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century.

China has hardened in mystical expectation. It was the present victory of GRU.

Another character of the sacral tradition is represented by this color. Ogarkov, eminent geopolitician, strategist and eurasist.