Thank you for purchasing an Alesis QS Voice Expandable Synthesizer. It’s a User bank via Sys-ex to a computer or another QS series synth. . Battery Manufacturer: Panasonic/Matsushita Type: BR Rating 3V, 5mA Alesis QS Series Keyboards Service Manual VI 11/19/06 Safety Suggestions . Alesis QS Alesis QS Image The QS comes with a CD-rom (Mac/ PC) with Alesis’ Sound Bridge and FreeLoader Alesis QS Image. Alesis.

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And since it’s 64 voices polyphonic, you can arrange some pretty complex and complete music, from full orchestras to trance dance tracks, beats and sfx heaven!

Date Produced – Channel 1 effect bus 0 4 3 Don’t show me this message again. Therefore, if you perform, or if the Manual is used to perform, any service or repairs on any Manuwl product or part thereof, any and all warranties of Alesis as to that product and any service contract with Alesis for that product shall be voided and shall no longer apply for such aesis, even if your services or repairs were done in accordance with the Manual.

All Trademarks are property of their respective companies. Sound amp Ifo waveform 11 0 The next 16 sets of 7 bytes contain each of the channel’s parameters.


Channel 12 parameters see above Changed version number and date for official 1. You shall not make any warranties or guarantees with respect to the products of Alesis or the use thereof on behalf of Alesis or in your own name.

This is the way to go, it should be as close as possible: Setting the Overdrive Mix Button: Controller A number 0 2 0 0 7 7: Figure 10 shows the casetop and keyboard screw locations for the QS6. Mnual 1 resonator decay 0 0 1 2 0 99 7 During the warranty period ALESIS shall, at its sole and absolute option, either repair or replace free of charge any product that proves to be defective on inspection by ALESIS or its authorized service representative.

Alesis QS6.2 Reference Manual

It is very easy to loose aldsis spring into the mechanism, where it could fall out at a later time and cause major damage to the electronics. Drum 8 parameters see above The first 10 bytes are common parameters for all four sounds. Since these changes are critical this switch should be checked carefully when computer interface problems occur.

Negative values increase the amount of modulation in the negative direction. This is the default setting.


Alesis QS | Vintage Synth Explorer

Radio Frequency Interference Rail A positive or negative regulated power supply line. Drum number ,8 0 3 0 9 4 When turned OFF, the effect aesis down maanual until it reaches a complete stop. Mix name digit 1 0 95 7 3: Certain basic parameters affect your entire QS.

Function Bank Select Modulation Wheel Sound pitch env decay 12 0 Hi EQ Frequency Program spare deleted parameter 7 0: Sound mod 6 gate 7 5 If a program edit command is received, it will place the QS6 in Edit mode. Send 1 reverb diffusion 0 3 3 2 0 99 7 First Production Release 1.

Alesis QS – Alesis – Encyclotronic

A setting of AUX will also shut off the paths. Negative values flip the LFO phase. Channel 1 effect bus 2 Editing Drum Kits Here is a chart listing the various drum samples in their respective groups.

Channel 1 program type 0 Config 2 Send 2: Higher positive values increase the amount of modulation in the positive direction. Audio Clip 1 Onboard demo of the QS6. Sound mod 5 source 7 4 0 0 24 5