complemented by the Dutch General Customs Code (Algemene Douanewet, hereinafter ADW). Article 3 (2) of the ADW requires that the declaration be made . The General Customs Act (Algemene Douanewet) of 3 Apr. , Stb. , It entered into force on 1 Aug. Import and Export Act (note );. Customs Act (Algemene Douanewet), however, this Division is declared inapplicable to customs decisions. Given the opportunity for objection and appeal .

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Aankondigingen over uw buurt Zoals bouwplannen en verkeersmaatregelen. Sanctions Act Supervisory Regulation.

– Informatie – Sanctiewet – BWBR

USLockheed Martin Corp. Selecteer een andere versie waarmee u de huidige geselecteerde versie, inwerkinggetreden opwilt vergelijken. It xlgemene reported six fewer M42 submunitions without fuzes. Ness and Anthony G. On the question of whether or not the obligation to allow NATO allies to transit their own material through Dutch territory conflicted with the prohibition on transfer in the Convention on Cluster Munitions, the Minister stated that this is not the case, as transit is not explicitly forbidden by the convention.

Sanctiewet 1977

Artikel 7 Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 15 Algemfne relaties in LiDO. M bombs containing M42 and M46 submunitions. Vergelijken van ” Besluit strategische goederen “, inwerkinggetreden opmet versie die inwerking is getreden op.

The first called for a prohibition on direct investment and an investigation into possibilities to prohibit indirect investments. The mm M artillery projectiles were destroyed by Esplodenti Sabino in Casalbordino, Italy prior dounaewet entry into force of the convention for the Netherlands.

R, 28 March Gezien het nader rapport van Onze Minister van Economische Zaken van 23 juninr. Direct investment in cluster munition production would therefore be considered a corporate social responsibility criteria for public tenders.


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If you are algemne webmail, send attachments to. Aankondigingen over uw buurt Zoals bouwplannen en verkeersmaatregelen. Kies twee toestanden van de regeling door deze aan te vinken Vergelijk twee versies Let op: The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided Russian authorities with a report by an independent commission that investigated the incident and concluded that a Russian cluster munition strike killed Storimans.

In the report, the Netherlands reported a total of 19, retained for training while the various types add up to a total of 23, a difference of 4, submunitions. Dit besluit treedt in werking op het tijdstip waarop de wet in werking treedt. Neither of the motions were put to a vote. Gelet op verordening EG nr. This includes four CBU cluster bombs containing Qlgemene submunitions that allgemene discovered after the completion of stockpile destruction and added to the total stockpile of retained cluster munitions.

Algemene douanewet – Translation into English – examples Dutch | Reverso Context

Doordat er een grote regeling is gekozen kan de vergelijking enkele minuten duren. Artikel 9 Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 25 Toon relaties in LiDO. The Secretary of State called this a de facto prohibition on transit, except in the case of Dutch military allies. It was reported that M26 rockets, each containing M77 DPICM grenades, would be included in the sale for qualification testing and conversion into training rockets.

Artikel 29 Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 20 Toon relaties in LiDO. For example, an export licence is not required for transport and export of military goods to Belgium and Luxembourg. A number of respondents recommended that the prohibition should apply to everyone within the territorial jurisdiction of the Netherlands and for subsidiaries of Dutch financial institutions located outside the Netherlands.


Doordat er een grote regeling is gekozen kan de vergelijking enkele minuten duren.

On 1 Julythe Regulations on General Transit Permits NL on the issuing of general transit permits for military goods from allied countries entered into force. Artikel 5 Toon relaties in LiDO. In its second report, the Netherlands stated: Wetstechnische informatie Grondslagen voor deze regeling Wetsfamilie Regelgeving die op deze regeling is gebaseerd gedelegeerde regelgeving Beleidsregels en circulaires algemdne betrekking hebben op deze regeling Artikelen of vergelijkbare tekst die verwijzen naar deze regeling.

Hence, all statutes and translations can always be updated and made in line with the latest developments. See Weapons and Ammunitions Act of 5 Julywetten. For the record of the debate on 22 Marchsee www. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, promised to look into the request for an douanewst a fter Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, raised the need for progress in the investigation with him on 9 April Such transports and exports have to be notified to the Tax inspector of Customs North.

Convention on Cluster Munitions status. If you are searching for a translation of a statute or provision douaanewet you cannot find on iLegislation, you can just submit a digital request and the translation will be made available for you in the available language combinations.