Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal romance in Gini Koch’s Alien novels, as Katherine “Kitty” Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies. “’The United States Navy is proud to serve under those, Commander,’ Jerry said finally. ‘In fact, I’d like a picture, in case we ever need to remind. Gini Koch is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer Alien in the Family published April ; Alien Proliferation published December ; Alien Diplomacy published.

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Fill in your details below ginj click an icon to log in: Well, as content and happy as one can be familu saving the hte from fugly parasitic monsters bent on destroying mankind. Only these poofs are known as royal pets and they immediately attach themselves to Kitty, Jeff and Christopher.

Add in an increasingly z I think I’ve had too many friends get raped to find rape jokes funny. I loved every second of it. In this installment, Kitty and Jeff are getting ready to tie the knot. I’m sure all brides have thought this I didn’t but then I didn’t marry my husband after only being with him for a year and it makes sense that Kitty has her moment of emotional crisis and thank God Reader is there for her because if they had picked any other character to deal with her, it would’ve quickly went from honest worry to sex-driven nympho.

Why do I love this series because Kitty has flaws, famliy makes me laugh, cry and just all around feel good aliwn isn’t that what a book is suppose to? Really I said spoilers for the other two books not this one. The discovery joch Martini is actually a member of the Alpha Centaurion Royal Family brings additional bad news—emissaries are on their way to see if Kitty’s royal bride material. Kitty is one really busy girl. She shrugs off the rape attempt as everyone makes mistakes and they apologized and essentially recommends they get hired to her company.


Reader is still every girl’s wet dream even though he is still gay. Everybody will love the Poofs! Specifically Kitty; he thinks she walks on water. Paranormal romance fans deserve better. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Alien in the Family

Their only worry should be how to keep the fact that Martini’s family are all aliens a secret from Kitty’s family but their lives are never that simple. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. No trivia or quizzes yet. Kitty privately refers to them, well, all A-C women, as the Dazzlers and not just for their beauty. Alien in the Family.

Alien in the Family by Gini Koch | : Books

I have no clue why Koch feels the need to dress Kitty as a slut however, regardless if this were Las Vegas, as it is drilled into the readers heads over and over again. Yes, Kitty has a gay friend. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I dont much care for all the hot monkey sex that just seems to happen like tye, but I’m sure others who love romance and lost of sex will. As alw Third book in the series and I still love it.

Yes, there were a lot of sub plots that were left open in this book, and I have to say that was one thing that I was a little disappointed in.

Book Review: Gini Koch’s Alien in the Family – KD Did It Edits

I think I’ve had too many friends get raped to find rape jokes funny. View more of my review and others at my blog: If you’ve read any of my previous reviews for this series you’ll already know that I’ve become a massive fan of Gini Koch – it’s been a while since a new series hooked me in quite so quickly.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Gini Koch is introducing a whole new crop of characters in this third instalment — from Amazonian assassins to space corgis.

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Seriously, this is supposed to be a kick-ass character, and yet everytime she gets near her boyfriend I read the inn one and it was good, made me want to read the sequel, but I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed. I can’t resist one spoiler.


Kitty is a modern woman who has some very modern relationships, she also seems a bit too obsessed with sex, and as such is questioning whether or not she and Jeff should get married.

Speaking of which, the author need to grow up. The wedding ceremony was also a welcome distraction from the rest of the series. If you thought things were wacky the last kocb out, prepare for a rollercoaster ride that ends with some surprises including one I alieb not see coming and now wonder in what direction the series will go from here. The running around the church – that was clearly a WTF moment and as many times as Kitty has used this question, I will steal this for Gini Koch – Were you high?

I adore Kitty and her men and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us! Plus, if I had to read how Kitty had to be wrapped around Jeff everytime they went through a gate one more time I think i was going to throw the book against a wall.

Now, I am not saying that Jeff might have a little bit of jealousy, but dear gosh, she gives him reason to. Did I mention Ex-male model? Alpha Centaurions from A-C Poofs are able to increase their size massively, choose their owners, and are incredibly protective.

Hello, camily name is Lynette and I am a hypocrite.

This book just fits or we could even say it’s our usual AC routine. Set up a giveaway. I loved how she often heard what her heart told her- I’m a real lover of impulse decisions. Koch, and Jemma Chase. So to sum it all up: Alien in the Family was probably one if the most anticipated books of for me.