ALINCO DJ-C1 DATA. The DJ-C1 is an amateur radio “credit card” transceiver with VFO & 21 channels ( + CALL). Has built-in microphone on front; requires. DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ- , DJ, DJ DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ-C1, DJ-C4. DJ-C5. This forum message list include all message for that is related to DJ-C1, this include message that also is related to articles. If the message is relate to an article.

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I mnual a tiny screwdriver to pry the back cover off and to pry the element out of the alincco. Do not insert any metal objects into the charger terminal. Ax0nHiR founder and editor-in-chief is an information security specialist currently working in the luxury goods industry.

It was designed to work on the 2m FM Voice band at mW. It’s loud enough manusl get your attention from the office desk, and if you hold it up next to your ear, you can make out what’s being said. Battery Life This product is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. DX Instruction manual Espanol. You can still find these micro-handheld transcievers at hamfests, swap meets and online auctions. EL series Manual. EMR Rotator Operation manual.


If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. Avoid using or storing mnaual product in excessively hot environments, i.

Alinco Service and User Manuals

DJ-X11 Instruction manual Manuale italiano. DRTH Addendum to owners manual.

Contact an authorized dealer to replace the battery SUbject to billing. Check a,inco box to confirm you are human. EMS 57 Service manual. To remove the front plate, carefully peel the sticker and membrane buttons off, then remove the three screws found underneath. Re-connect the battery, screw the front plate back on, re-attach the membrane buttons to the front, and test it before you button the thing back up.

Radio modification files

I was immediately somewhat frustrated by the lack of a built-in speaker. ALMT Packet interface schematic. Most of us hail from the Great Plains region of the United States. I got mine from a friend that’s happened upon two C1s and a C4 in the past year. I opened it up and found plenty of room in the back for a piezoelectric element, similar to what you find as the alarm speaker in digital wrist watches. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.


If the power easily tums off with a fully charged battery. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. DX Computer Controlled Operation user guide. DM Manual Japanese language. Microphone cable wiring diagram. EDC60 61 Service manual. Letters are Case Sensitive.

How do you rate this item? EME 13 15 Instruction manual. Do not drop the product or subject it to strong shocks. And when you click on the file or icon it will count as a download.

Alinco DJ-C1 DJ-C4 VHF UHF FM Radio Owners Manual

DR Service Manual old. DR-M06 M03 Instruction manual. HiR on Twitter Loading Internal Speaker Posted by Ax0n. Electronicshamhardware. Over time, these micro radios evolved. ALR Instruction manual and schematic.