KM Front panel DJ-S1T. KM Front panel DJ-S1. Page 4. Page 5. 4. Page 6. 5. Page 7. 6. Page 8. 7. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Uploaded by azhighlander. Alinco DJ-F1-Instruction Manual. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. The Alinco DJ-F1T is 2 meter HT provides up to 5 watts ouput with optional EBP- 18N or with VDC input. Enjoy extended receive from MHz with.

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I recently purchased a used Alinco DJ-F1 2 meter handheld, and noticed while browsing through the manual that there is a modification that allows for AM receiption between Mc. Wierd, mine arrive already moded.

Alinco DJ-F1/S1 Instruction manual

Does anybody know of any: It is a keyboard mod enclosed in the manual. I don’t know where Sam got the idea that the DJ-F1T mod is a “keyboard” mod – it involves opening the radio and clipping the red wire. The blue wire is the “illegal” mod.


Once you get the radio back together, you have to do a CPU reset if memory serves, that’s holding in the “F” key on the side while turning on power.

The DJ-F1T had gotten pretty beaten up through hard usage, and when the “finals” went I decided I’d be better off with a new dual-band radio. BTW, the uses the same colorcoding scheme on the mods, though getting to the wires is a different procedure take off the bottom plate rather than the back.

Doing the CPU reset erases all of the memories on either radio. So, you might want to write down all the memory settings before fj-f1 start.


The opinions expressed above are mine and not those of Schlumberger because they are NOT covered by the patent agreement! Clark Jones, Schlumberger Technologies, S. Thanks to everybody that has replied regarding this original post.

I was playing around with the radio, and it does seem to have the modification already, so I dont have to mess with it any further.


Of course this was done into a dummy load Is there a reason for this, or possibly the modification was performed on the TX only, and not on the RX. Further examination may be in order. You can then enter an air band frequency, set up scanning, store memories, etc. If you store an air band freq in a memory, the set will automatically switch modes as you scroll through the memories. To return to FM receive mode, press “B” again.

There is no capability to transmit on the air band in either mode.

Alinco DJ-F1T Instruction Manual

Board index Radio Equipment. FS; Alinco DJ-f1 modded 5. Weak Alinco DJ-F1