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There were loads of genres in this story romance, paranormal, mystery and definitely action. But couldn’t finish it past chapter 4! He followed Ivy around, trying to make contact with her or tried to get her to see him, but found out he couldn’t.

I think the book was written by an amateur It didn’t make sense half the time. Also, there is talk about soul mates. But then it says she’s been bffs alnas suzanne since 2nd grade.

Oct 26, Kellee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Chandlerr debated with myself whether Gregory was good or not, and even argued with myself, saying he was there for her when he needed him so maybe he wasn’t so bad after all then I was like no he can’t be because something was definitely off with that boy, but I didn’t know quite what, I think the scene in the dressing room where he tried to make out with her was kind of the gwmelas hint that he wasn’t what he seemed.

Someone set them up. I was completely shocked to find out who the threat was. That said, I think this comes close enough.

By the time I got to book 3, I was so frustrated, I read through it as quickly as I could just so I could put the book down and never pick it up again.

Ivy finally realized that this whole time she had been so close to the murderer, so in danger of getting hurt, so stupid not to realize that she pushed things a little too far!

Chajdler Own in paperback. And he killed Tristan, his best friend, and a girl in another town just so he could kill Ivy because he thought she saw him at his mother’s house the night she murdered, but in fact she didn’t, which she told at the end at the big confrontation scene after Gregory took Philip and locked him in a shack, which Tristan found him in and rushed to get Will so he could help Tristan save Ivy.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

Then she meets Tristan, handsome, sweet, popular and in the swim team. But like I said he believed her right away, and was ecstatic about it and they embrace and kiss and that’s the end of alnas book.

It’s a great love story and I honestly think that the story should stop here. And across the way, she saw a guy with Tristan’s jacket and baseball cap holding out his hand for her, beckoning for her to come to him, but in order to do so she had to cross the tracks with the training whistling in the background coming closer.


Kissed by an Angel does not involve your average Love-triangle. Total waste of time. What really saved it for me was book three, which just had so much more going for it with all the action and finally figuring out what is going on and what’s This was book one through three in the Kissed by an Angel series, and I have to say I wasn’t totally wowed by it like I thought I might be and even at times I was bored with it, and I was like come on already.

Man, this book was good, when I first started reading this book, I knew Gregory was the because of Tristin dying. Me encanta este chico. Do not read on if you haven’t read these books yet! Tristan is the hero in this story, becoming the guardian angel to his girlfrend Ivy after he dies in a tragic car accident that left him for dead and Ivy injured.

Tristan was frantic and desperate so he went over to Philip’s room trying to wake him up so he could help Ivy, and wound up slipping inside him just as he heard the door to the house open and close with Ivy’s car being driven away. Chandler would have played up the romance between Ivy and Tristan a little more. It was a little heartbreaking as he told her that he loved her and always will, but that they were in two different surfaces and she needed to move on and find love with someone else because she was meant to be with someone else, which she denied saying she was only meant to be with him and no one else and she didn’t want to love anyone else.

I’m really glad I’d re-ordered this book cause there was loads of suspense and PLENTY of action not to mention some shocking, shocking discoveries. Even on the second page of the book I was like Gregory is up to no good.

Tristans death was tragic, and it left Ivy alive and feeling alone with no one and nothing, not even her angles, left to lean on. May 31, Jane D. So, that just took a left turn for me at the gate, and I was like okay I saw what the author was doing, but I wanted to get gemelad to the car accident part of the book and the events that took off from there not go back, which was probably why I started off not liking this book so much.

It took time but when she was forced to give up her cat to a trusting home, witch ended up being Tristans, Ivy vemelas liking him back.

This edition has book 1, 2 and 3 of the Kissed by an Angel series in. The second book was slightly more interesting but also completely obvious so it didn’t hold my interest as much as I’d hoped it would. It was really hard to feel the emmotion gemelws the characters.


He knows he was sent back for a reason, and that reason, is to help Ivy and save her from his killer who is now after her. She learned from Philip about the events that took place on that day with him relaying to her that Tristan was an angel and helped save her a pull her back from the platform before the train could get her.

I can’t handle reading stuff like that. Ivy and Tristan are meant to be together.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Kissed By an Angel – Elizabeth Chandler

I am a big fan of mystery, and the second and third books definitely have alot of it. I absolutely love this book!

I started to love Will. Elizabeth Chandler did a great job sucking you into the story and I became so attached to the characters. But Ivy ignored all the signs he had given her. Elizabeth Chandler has really described the love between Ivy and Tristan flawlessly! But before he could do that he found his father, head bent down weeping over Tristan’s body, and it was revealed that Tristan had died on the scene and there was nothing that could have been done for him while Ivy had a few cuts and bruises, but would be fine.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates by Elizabeth Chandler

An animal, very dear to the heroine, was abused and then murdered by being hung by her neck from a nail in the basement. She is loyal to her friends and family, willing to protect them at all costs. Her mother is about to marry the wealthy president from a local college.

Jun 30, Rusty’s Ghost Engine also known as After all she thought she had feelings for Gregory at one point granted she wasn’t thinking clearly and vulnerable especially since he was acting all sweet and sympathetic towards her, but still she should have known something was up with him then after Tristan left she was suddenly in love with Will are you kidding me?

The next scene, the reader was in the hospital, and Tristan was looking around for Ivy, making sure that she was okay. The intro to their relationship was perfectly done and had my heart aching. The book started well but I found that after Tristan’s death it just went down hill from there.