From the title of the book itself, Ambeth R. Ocampo’s Rizal Without the Overcoat ( ) uncovers the other side of the nationalistic icon, Dr. Jose. Ambeth Ocampo describes Jose Rizal as a “conscious hero” because Rizal planned his entire life in details based on his letters, diaries, and. Rizal without the Overcoat. with Dr. Ambeth Ocampo. 29 August | PM Ayala Museum Ground Floor Lobby. Rizal without the Overcoat.

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I too was inclined to agree. Jun 16, Maycee added it.

Rizal Without the Overcoat

Most Filipinos know the basic story anyway, so if you’re an average Pinoy, this is a pretty good book. Here’s what I wrote crammed might be a better word choice Heh heh: Lean Lester It’s not for free.

Now, it withput also its undoing because it creates inconsistencies as well.

If ovvercoat, those tidbits and practices has done nothing but augment my endearment for him. However, reading this book made me appreciate Jose Rizal more.

Rizal Without the Overcoat – Wikiwand

And then Ocampo takes you through the story behind the “Mi Ultimo Adios”, the politics behind the KKK, and a narration of what happened that morning of December 30, Great book, it gave me insight on the mundane details of Rizal’s life.

However, being a compilation of previously-released articles, some of which I have already read or knew from my previous Rizal courses in school, I thought that the book would have been more engaging if Ocampo just wrote a Rizal biography using these articles. And Ambeth Ocampo has justified and even summed up Rizal with this book and it is true that most Filipinos only view Rizal as the National Hero and sure they read his books and recite his poems but know nothing of its intent and purpose.

Only then that his death will truly achieve its essence. Manoling Morato born included in his book. Then he asks us what we think.

Rizal Without the Overcoat (Softbound) — Anvil Publishing, Inc.

It resonates with even the obscurest of readers because it considers its audience. I prefer to face death and gladly give my life to free so many innocent persons from this unjust persecution. He also also uses the same technique with his writings. My parents are all that I have, but my country has many sons still who can take it to advantage. The book is a must-read for students, that instead of the usual memorization and academic approach in teaching, they can read Mr.


Without The Overcoat, I was amazed by how our National Hero Jose Rizal survived in the 18thth century, it was as if he know everything that will happen. I stated earlier that I learned to see things contextually, and is important to see things that way.

The way you love to question us and challenge us. You are commenting using your WordPress. I rented a room near SM North Edsa, terrified at the prospect of living alone for the first time. Surprised by Pacquiaos’ face attached to Adolf Hitlers’ body, I became anxious on reading the book. It is funny that Cebuano, the native vernacular for a larger percentage of the Philippine population was not chosen, but instead it was the second most spoken dialect and which also happened to the patois of the capital Manila.

He mentions that they win medals, but fails to mention that there were numerous gold and silver medals awarded that day. There is no question that the book is worth all its awards and accolades on this aspect. I read to gain company. But what am I to do? He was a genius and very idealistic and opinionated and everything that he touched was thus harnessed and I was amazed to know that he knew a lot about other sciences, even in farming and in business and in other diseases when he was only an ophthalmologist!

Whatever fate my be, I shall die blessing my country and wishing her the dawn of her redemption. Then he uses that same contest to illustrate that we have the capacity of greatness when it comes to the field of artistry.

This time I will read them in English; a new translation was done for the th anniversary of his birth and is said to be an wuthout one.


Rizal was an American-sponsored hero, that he was a conscious hero, the usual UP, Bonifacio-inclined speech. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Overcoat contains a wide range of subject on the national hero; from the everyday stuff like what he ate for breakfast, what he read, his prescription for kulam, to the controversial subject on Rizal vs.

Although, we did also have world history. I wasn’t concern about buying the book which will give me interest in reading about our hero, I was more concern in buying the cheapest one the small blue book witohut by Ambeth Ocampo.

Ambeeth should these writings be open or be overciat so that we the Filipino people might be able to fully understand him we never know but we may learn a little about Rizal through reading this book. Absolutely rated it it was ok Shelves: I cannot live knowing that many are suffering unjust persecution because of me; I cannot live seeing my brothers [hermanos] and their large families persecuted like criminals.

See all 12 questions about Rizal Without the Overcoat…. Filipinos often marvel when they see that Rizal was literate in a handful of languages. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is weak to think that we should change our national hero just to fit the mold of the others around us. Want to Read Withoug Reading Read. May 24, bookWitch rated it it was amazing.

Rizal Without the Overcoat (Softbound)

What did Rizal do but write books? Except for his genius being, I see myself in his very nature – one who values family and education, one who thrifts himself only to buy what he likes best, peace-loving, humble and humorous.

Noli and El Fili were inaccessible when it first came out. This is a clear example of language acquisition through exposure. Nov 17, Ann Louise De Leon rated it it was amazing.