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Choosing Genuine AMF replacement parts is choosing certainty over uncertainty. •You can be certain we manufacture parts to original OEM quality. In bowling, a pinsetter, or pinspotter, was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins . The is the general standard in most AMF-equipped modern bowling centers today. It features a microprocessor-operated chassis that is.

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The pins travel under the cushion into the ring-shaped, revolving circular pin elevator, at the rear center of the unit, 8207 brings the pins up to a “distributor arm” that travels laterally as well as forward and back on theaf “arrowhead”-planform guide rail atop the spotting table governs the distributor’s head piece movements over the table as seen hereto deliver the pins to the corresponding bins or “spotting cups” as known in the ‘s factory manuals, awaiting the next spotting cycle.

Gottfried Schmidt Patent No. It lowers the pin table on amr cycle to determine scoring. An elevator composed of a rotating rack of open frames similar to an industrial toaster catches the candlepins and hauls them towards the top of the machine, and then turns 90 degrees to bring the pins horizontally across, bringing the pins past ten conveyors each wide enough to hold pins in a lengthwise orientation.

Maximum Technology – AMF

This article has multiple issues. When the player pushes their “Reset” button, the machine lowers a guard, lifts standing pins and sweeps away the downed pins. The most common candlepin 820 were made by a Massachusetts company named Bowl-Mor no relation to Bowlmor AMFwhich was founded in the s by two attorneysHoward Dowd and R. As the sweep nears the forward end of its travel, and then begins its ascent to 827 resting position, the table drops to the metal plate pindeck at the end of the lanebed, and release a set of pins, and then ascends to its own resting position, ready to be filled with pins once amg.

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The control board can then do a fast strike cycle or do sweep reverse on a gutterball. Wikipedia external links cleanup from September Wikipedia spam cleanup from September Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles with multiple maintenance issues Use American English from July All Wikipedia articles written 8720 American English.

This “shaker” transfers the ball and pins to the rear of the pit, behind the lane’s pindeck. When the magazine is loaded and the bowler is ready for a new set of pins, a lever pushes the magazine unit out to the pin table so it can take the pins out of the magazine and then set them down on the lane.


The use of today’s technologies have made it possible to engineer in extra functions that make your machine more reliable and make searching for hard to find electronic failures very easy.

It will even inform you if a short occurs in the output wiring! Beginning in Decemberthe units also became famous for having the “Sparemaker” version of the earlier triangular pindicator screen on their masking units as advertised by AMF and their staff’s pro bowler Dick Weber, which added a set of eleven lighted “arrows” to the usual numbered ten lights for standing pins, triangular corner lights that indicated the first or second ball to be rolled, and separate lights to indicate a foul, or a strike.

Once the turret is full, and the empty deck reaches the top of its travel, all ten pins are simultaneously dropped from the turret into the spotting chutes of the table, which lowers them through its full downward travel onto the lane to set the new rack of pins on the pin deck. They have changed little since the mass-produced version. This speeds up the game and reduces mechanical wear.

The wheel brings the pin to the top and drops it into a metal tray, called a “turnaround pan”, similar to what exists on the rear end of the AMF unit’s pin distributor arm. This will put an end to all the machinestops caused by broken respot cell wires or bad inserts! Apart from five-pin, rubber band duckpin is the only bowling variant that currently sanctions string type pinsetters.

It featured a flat magnetic pin table and magnets on the head of each pin. Two large rotating wheels, at the center rear of the unit, are situated with their common axis along the bowling lane. The Maximum Technology Control Board has a built-in diagnostics feature.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When a pin rolls back, the smaller diameter of the pin allows it to fall rearwards through the ball return wheel.

Pinspotter Parts

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Unless triggered into action by an automated scoring unit, candlepin pinsetters must be started by the bowler at the conclusion of a frame, by using a button or foot pedal operated switch to start the reset cycle. When a reset takes place, a “board-like” sweep bar descends, driven by a chain drive akf on each side of the machine along a pair of 8207 tracks — one on either side, and sweeps the pins and balls off the lane, through the depressed area, and past the curtain and onto a rotating turntable.


A new rack of pins is created with a moving magazine that is shaped like a pin triangle.

The ‘s operation and mechanics, having been significantly developed from AMF’s pioneering experimental modelwhich depended much on the use of suction to hold the 827 in a double-sided spotting table for both spotting remaining pins and setup of new racks of pins, are quite different from the Model A, A-2 and JetBack units from Brunswick which the AMF pre-dated by almost a decadewith differing sweep amr table designs, and especially in how the pins are handled for storage, after they got to the top of the machinery.

When a pin lands in an empty location in the turret, 88270 turret rotates or “indexes” so that the next pin will land in the next empty location, with the 5-pin chute in the center of the turret being filled last. Ball and pins travel on a continuously running carpet belt at the bottom of the pit. The pin table always handles the pins by the neck. The design of the machines varies, depending both in individual company’s hardware designs, and for the particular bowling sport’s playing rules and equipment specifications.

Having only 19 pins in the machine will cause fewer stops from time to time but it will slow down the progress of the game if multiple strikes are thrown in succession. No human interference, no delays! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From there 82770 conveyor belt lifts the pin up towards the top of the pinsetter, to drop into a rotating metal basket called the “pin turret”, letting anf slide into one of ten cells as the turret rotates — nine around the periphery in groups of three spots each, and one in the center for the number-5 pin.

The ball, being heavier, travels to one of the maf kick-backs where it enters the ball return, shared by adjacent lanes.

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