Supplement. Angol nyelvtani összehasonlító táblázat, jelen idők. 1. Általános jelen igeidő (Present Simple). A cselekvés (1) szokásosan ismétlődik, (2) időrend . Angol szótanító szótárak szavak és kifejezések gyakorlására. Start studying angol igeidők 2.,3. alakja. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Have you found your bag?

Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok! – English with Kitti

We have just arrived home. I kgeidok just about to call Bob, do you want to talk to him? Szereti a kutya a tejet? I will buy bread. When will the plane take off?

As soon as he had arrived home, he called his friend. I have been wanting this boor for years.

igeivok The semester starts on the 12th of September. The ministry is to introduce a new tax. By the time she woke up, the boy had been walking the dog.


I had started doing karate before I went to university. I am reading a good book by R. Fut John minden nap? When he returns from England, we will have been painting the house. Will you be having dinner at home this evening? No sooner had she got into the antol than it started to rain. Where were you going when I saw you?

Where will the dinner be?

He has driven for decades. Have you read the newspaper yet? Jason nem akart vezetni.

A bolt nem nyitott ki tegnap. I have just cleaned up. I have never driven a van. At midnight they were drinking the fourth bottle of wine. Usually I stay up late.

We have never played badminton. I was reading in the afternoon. We go to concerts. It has been snowing for a long time. We were working on the plan. Does your brother study at university? She was crying all night.

Angol igeidők – 2

The task lasts till Bill is the boss here. Igeiidok repaired the gate. We are not going to take part in the meeting today.


Did you visit Sue yesterday? Mary is about to have her hair dyied.

Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok!

Alan is going to get a nem car. I have seen the new play. Anngol they leaving on Monday? By the time his wife arrived, Bill had had dinner. Does she sleep a lot? He is wearing trowsers. We have been waiting for you for an hour. When did you arrive?