The Andalites are an advanced race of centaur-like aliens. overcome his genetic illness, only to find out that the leader of the Animorphs was a human. Elfangor states in the The Andalite Chronicles that “There were rumors soon they’ d let. The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Andalite Chronicles | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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There were many scenes where she saves the day, either by tricking those around her, or physically taking on beings much larger and stronger than she was. sndalite

Under a disgraced prince named Alloran, they are given the task of bringing the humans back to earth. Loren Loren is the other human in the Skrit Na.

The Great Animorphs Re-Read: “The Andalite Chronicles” – The Library Ladies

It is due to Elfangor’s actions that Visser Three exists. But animorphd arisths had to do it. I remember reading the hard copy version of this as a kid and marvelling at how much thicker it was than your typical Animorphs novel.

But the Ellimist insisted on his proposal. He thinks he’s being thrown to the side missions just because of what happened to the chroniclrs for the Hork-Bajir race where he participated. I mean, I could pretty much leave it at that. I wish she had!


He cannot go back. Curiously enough, though, while this book primarily concerns alien species, nothing is that foreign. As presumably there are three. Maybe my local bookstore got confused with the individual ones and didn’t know where to file them, or they never got wide release before the other edition came out.

Kafit “Bird”, Mortron, and a bonus doodle of a Mulefa: First off, one thing I find interesting is that this is the only book in the series not to prominently feature the big Animorphs logo. Andaljte every single point in this book, he says and does terrible things. As I said, this was one of my favorites as a kid, and I love it all the more re-reading it as an adult.

In their natural state, Yeerks are blind, defenseless slugs.

That could give humans an advantage in fighting them. I had no life except as an andalite lover.

The Great Animorphs Re-Read: “The Andalite Chronicles”

Even then, I felt like he made a huge impact as a character, beyond the obvious reasons he was necessary for the plot. Visser Three is perhaps the most ambitious chronices to exist in this galaxy. Elfangor saying he was too weak to morph “A wealth of information on the series” The chronucles information started coming quickly, and I love that.

They were capable, by some odd fluke of evolution, to enter into the brains of other species, interface, and control them.

Where he’s a total cock and a half, but when he becomes an adult he kind of grows up and is like oh, hey, maybe I should be responsible or something? So Andalites commit suicide by tailblade rather than be made Controllers. Was their even a hardcover? Loren and Elfangor run into Chapman back on Earth during the three years, and they find out that his memory has somehow been wiped of the entire experience. The Ellimist shows up and tells Elfangor that none of this was meant to be.


This included things I didn’t know and confirmation of things I had suspected. It is here that he encounters his son Tobias and his four friends. I guess I’m just used to typing Ax.

In the end of the book, the Ellimist informs Elfangor that Arbron chromicles lives back on the Taxxon home world in the free Taxxon hive. Skip to content Animorphs This book describes the Taxxons quite well, as well as the backgrounds of some of the other characters and locations.

Hmm, now I am just reminded of the bit from Indiana Jones, where the guy picks the wrong grail.