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These include sample preparation, filtration and washing, and efficiency in han- dling large numbers of samples. Much difficulty is avoided by having an adequate filtering ap- paratus bgomatologia by using proper technique. The reflux apparatus described is more convenient and cheaper than many other types available.

Laboratory evaluation of forage is essentially aimed at obtaining analytical data that predict the extent of biological degradation under speci- fied conditions, animals, organisms, and time.

Water enters from the reservoir into the leveling device and then goes directly to the bottom of the well. In general, oil baths and large hotplates are not satisfactory for quantitative work.

A unit refluxing apparatus and a drying oven large enough to hold 80 cru- cibles make this possible.


A closed siphon is connected with a leveling device seen on the left of the large flask in figure 6a An attempt has been made to cover the prin- cipal problems in technique encountered in these procedures.

Filtra- tion must be individually controlled for each crucible.

Forage Fiber Analysis

Check pH to range 6. The filter manifold is shown in figures 3, 4, and 5. Samples that contain appreciable amounts of. A convenient setup is shown in figure 7.

Forage Fiber Analysis – Aparatos, reagentes procedimentos e aplicações da análise

Comparison of hot and cold sample weighing 17 Estimation of nutritive value from chemical data 18 Literature cited The Y is insulated and wrapped with asbestos tape so that the hot water can be manipulated without protection for the hands.

The possibility of overlooking a step in the procedure’is also reduced.

The main requirement is a filter manifold system with receivers for at least six crucibles. The authors wish to acknowledge the following for their contribu- tions in developing the detergent apparatus:.

The hose terminates with a Y connector, fitted on one end with a burette tip end and on the other with a tube, which allows each to be clamped off. Scimatco rubber tubing, black, thick wall. Water is stored in an elevated carboy reservoir above and to the side of the heater. Issued December Washington, D.

A variable transformer with a capacity of 10 a. Handling of samples in drying and weighing and in ashing and reweighing is also discussed. Condensers, reflux, crude-fiber, Pyrex. Parts of refluxing apparatus are supported with flex- aframe unit. Economia Micro e Macro Sobre microeconomia e macroeconomia. The in vitro, however, does not disclose anything re- garding the nature of the limiting factor.


Ceramic plates pro- tect coils from liquids spilled on the plate, which avoids electrical problems. Rings covered with rubber tubing are placed above the hotplate to prevent knock- ing off the beaker.

Secagem por Destilação by Leandro Akira on Prezi

This latter task of identification remains the duty of chemical studies. Apparatus In general, equipment that is used for crude fiber may be adapted to the detergent fiber pro- cedures. Enough equipment is required to ade- quately run a basic analysis, such as cell walls neutral-detergent fibercontinuously for apotsila 8-hour period. Standardized methods in the laboratory are mandatory for obtaining precise analytical re- sults.

A thick- wall hose feeds water to the filtering manifold.

Crucibles, Gooch-type, high form Pyrex fritted glass, ml. Forage Fiber Analysis jean row Enviado por: