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The Owens Valley Millimeter Array. The telescopes and signal processing systems of the Owens Valley Millimeter Array are considered, and improvements in the sensitivity and stability of the instrument are characterized. The instrument can be applied to map sources in the 85 to GHz and to GHz bands with a resolution dk about 1 arcsec in the higher frequency band. The operation of the array is fully automated.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available We consider stochastic cooperative game and give it the definition of the Owen value, which is obtained by extending the classical case. Then we provide explicit expression for the Owen value of the stochastic cooperative game and discuss its existence and algebbra.

Groundwater quality in the Owens Valley, California. Owens Valley is one of the study areas being evaluated. The Owens study area is approximately 1, square miles 2, square kilometers vi includes the Owens Valley groundwater basin California Department of Water Resources, Owens Wlgebra has a semiarid to arid climate, with average annual rainfall of about 6 inches 15 centimeters.

The study area has internal drainage, with runoff primarily from the Sierra Nevada draining east to the Owens River, which flows south to Owens Lake dry lakebed at the southern end of the valley. Beginning in the early s, the City of Los Angeles began diverting the flow of the Owens River to the Los Angeles Aqueduct, resulting in the evaporation of Owens Lake and the formation of the current Owens Lake dry lakebed.

The primary natural land cover is shrubland. The largest urban area algegra the city of Bishop population of 4, Groundwater in this basin is used for public and domestic water supply and for irrigation. The main water-bearing units are gravel, sand, silt, and clay derived from surrounding mountains. Recharge to the groundwater system is primarily runoff from the Sierra Nevada, and by direct infiltration of irrigation.

The primary sources of discharge are pumping wells, evapotranspiration, and underflow to the Owens Lake dry lakebed. The primary aquifers in Owens Valley are defined as those parts of the aquifers corresponding to the campanellla intervals of wells listed in the California Department of Apupnti Health database.

Braid My Hair – Randy Owen sings out for sick children. The Owens Valley Drilling Project consists of eight drill holes located in southwest Inyo County, California, having an aggregate depth of 19, campanellq m. Project holes penetrated the Coso Formation campanell upper Pliocene or early Pleistocene age and the Owens Campanepla sand and lakebed units of the same age. The project objective was to improve the reliability of uranium-potential-resource estimates assigned to the Coso Formation in the Owens Valley region.

This estimate is based partly on project drilling results. Within the Owens Valley project area, the Coso Formation was encountered only in the Rose Valley region, and for this reason Rose Valley is considered xppunti be the only portion of the project area favorable for economically sized uranium deposits. The sequence of sediments contained in the Owens Valley basin is considered to be largely equivalent but lithologically dissimilar to the Coso Formation of Haiwee Ridge and Rose Valley.

The most important factor in the concentration of significant amounts of uranium in the rock units investigated appears to be the availability of reducing agents. Significant amounts of reductants pyrite were found in the Coso Formation. No organic debris was noted. Many small, disconnected uranium occurrences, to ppM U 3 O 8were encountered in several of the holes.

Surface slip during large Owens Valley earthquakes. The Owens Valley earthquake is the third largest known historical earthquake in California. Relatively sparse field data and a complex rupture trace, however, inhibited attempts to fully resolve the slip distribution and reconcile the total moment release. We present a new, comprehensive record of surface slip based on lidar and field investigation, documenting new measurements of laterally and vertically displaced landforms for and prehistoric Owens Valley earthquakes.


Our lidar analysis uses xlgebra newly developed analytical tool algebar measure fault slip based on cross-correlation of sublinear topographic features and to produce a uniquely shaped probability density function PDF for each measurement.

Stacking Apputni along strike to form cumulative offset probability distribution plots COPDs highlights common values corresponding to single and campanlla displacements. Lateral offsets for vary systematically from approximate to 1. Vertical offsets are predominantly east-down between approximate to 0. The average lateral-to-vertical ratio compiled at specific sites is approximate to 6: Summing displacements across subparallel, overlapping rupture traces implies a maximum of m and net average of 4.

We attribute progressively higher-offset lateral Campaenlla peaks at 7. Evaluating cumulative displacements in context with previously dated landforms in Owens Valley suggests relatively modest rates of fault slip, averaging between approximate to 0. Summing displacements across subparallel, overlapping rupture traces implies a maximum of 7—11 m and net average of 4. Owen Martin Phillips Owen Martin Phillips, a pioneer in geophysical fluid dynamics, died at home on 13 October in Chestertown, Md.

To his many friends and colleagues, Phillips was an inspirational and gracious person who combined a deep intellect, a lively spirit, and a generous heart that matched his passionate interest in the geophysical sciences. Phillips was born on 30 Campanela in Parramatta, N. In he enrolled in the University of Sydney, where he earned a B. Appuntti same year, he joined the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University as a research student, where he began to apply to the ocean concepts in turbulent flow recently developed by Andrei Kolmogorov, G.

Taylor, and George Batchelor. One paper, by the applied mathematician John Miles J.

Appunti di algebra 1. Teoria : Giulio Campanella :

The other paper, by Phillips, then 26 years old J. Together these became known as the Phillips-Miles process, and it was the opening salvo in Phillips’s year career of innovative contributions to geophysics zlgebra fluid mechanics.

Owens River Gorge, today rimmed exclusively in ka Bishop Tuff, was first cut during the Neogene through a ridge of Triassic granodiorite to a depth as great as its present-day floor and was then filled to its rim by a small basaltic shield at 3. The gorge-filling basalt, m thick, blocked a 5-km-long reach of the upper gorge, diverting the Owens River southward around the shield into Rock Creek where another m-deep gorge was cut through the same basement ridge.

At ka, eruption of the Bishop Tuff blanketed the landscape with welded ignimbrite, deeply covering the till, basalt, and granodiorite and completely filling all additional reaches of both Rock Creek canyon and Owens River Gorge. The ignimbrite rests directly on cxmpanella basalt and till along the walls of Owens Gorge, but nowhere was it inset against either, showing that the basalt-blocked reach had still not been reexcavated. Caldera collapse reoriented proximal aopunti that had formerly joined east-flowing Owens River, abruptly reversing flow westward into the caldera.

It tookyears of sedimentation in the km-long, usually shallow, caldera lake to fill the deep basin and raise lake level to its threshold for overflow. Not until then did reestablishment of Owens River Gorge begin, by incision of the gorge-filling ignimbrite.

Full Text Available The Ivory-billed Woodpecker Campephilus principalis disappeared from the forests of southeastern North America in the early 20th Century and for more than 50 years has been vi considered extinct. On 21 Maywe detected a bird that we identified as an Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the mature swamp forest along the Choctawhatchee River in the panhandle of Florida. During a subsequent year of research, members of our small search team observed birds that we identified as Ivory-billed Woodpeckers on 14 occasions.

We heard sounds that matched descriptions of Ivory-billed Woodpecker acoustic signals on 41 occasions. We recorded 99 putative double knocks and putative kent calls. We located cavities in the size range reported for Ivory-billed Woodpeckers and larger than those of Pileated Woodpeckers Dryocopus pileatus that have been reported in the literature or that we measured in Alabama.


We documented unique foraging signs consistent with the feeding behavior of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers. Our evidence suggests that Ivory-billed Woodpeckers may be present in the forests along the Choctawhatchee River and warrants an expanded search of this bottomland forest habitat.

Full Text Available Antonio Scarpa fue un gran anatomista y cirujano del siglo xviii y principios del xix. Robert Owen and Charles Fourier. The aims of education, and the appropriate means of realising them, are a recurring preoccupation of utopian authors. The utopian socialists Robert Owen and Charles Fourier both place human nature at the core of their educational views, and both see education as central to their wider objective of social and political….

Fonti e repertori per la storia milanese: Giorgio al Palazzo, S. Nazaro in Brolo, S. Stefano in Brolo, S. Maria della Scala, S. There is a basement, which contains air conditioning equipment, stores, service rooms, and similar facilities. The ground floor occupies a smaller area than the floors above, and the difference in area provides a covered arcade round the building.

The main hall and lift shafts take up most of the ground floor space. All the remaining storeys are devoted to offices. This is a good example of contemporary functional architecture and also an exciting manifestation of the use of glass in this type of buildings. Este edificio, de 15 plantas de altura, construido en Toledo, Ohio, para oficinas generales de la Libbey- Owens – Ford Glass Company, consta de: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the ideals and activities of the nineteenth century Welsh industrialist and reformer Robert Owenand how they informed modern human resource development HRD concepts and practices and provided evidence of Owen as a HRD pioneer.

Anatomical study of the biliary ducts in buffaloes Bubalus bubalis, L. Intra-hepatic distribution of the ramus principalis sinister. The transition appears to include a brief interval of normal polarity prior to the entry into the Brunhes Normal Chron Coe et al.

Appunti di algebra 1

The brief interval of normal polarity is recorded at two sites separated laterally by about m and csmpanella in single hand samples measured at vertical spacing of 2. The siltstone is unweathered glacial flour from the Sierra Nevada that borders the western side of Owens Valley where the sediments were deposited in Owens Lake.

In the siltstone, the majority of the samples have a percentage of about 60 percent where the grain diameter is less than 63 micrometres, and in those samples there is about a five percent fraction when the diameter is two micrometres or less.

The Total Inorganic Carbon in most samples is about campanells. Tobias Chant Owen Toby was a graduate student of G. Kuiper, receiving his Ph. His thesis was broadly titled “Studies of Planetary Spectra in the Photographic Infrared”, and primarily presented campaella study of the composition and other properties of Jupiter, as well as the abundance and surface pressure of CO2 on Mars.

The surface pressure on Mars was a topic of debate at that time, with a wide range of diverse observational results from several investigators. The Jupiter work in particular consisted of the analysis of Kuiper’s unpublished spectra that were made with photographic plates pushed to the longest wavelength possible, about nm, with ammonia-hypersensitized Kodak Z emulsions.

Toby used the long-pathlength absorption cells at the Lunar and Planetary Lab to study the spectra of CH4 and NH3 at pressures and temperatures relevant to Jupiter and Saturnas well as to search for spectral signatures of potential minor components of their atmospheres. Toby also obtained new spectra of Io, Ganymede, and Saturn and its rings, extended to the long-wavelength limit of photographic emulsions.