Compatible with APV-4CME/2, APV-4CMD/2 and audio phone AP-2RS. Adjustment Manual Camera Angle. Dimensions: хмм. Max. distance 50м. Model No – Commax APV 4CME/2. Commax B/W Monitors Multi Apartment Video Door Phone-APV 4CME/2. APV 4CME/2 – 4 inch B/W multi apartment monitors. manual online. Commax APV-4PM Video Door Phone User guide. APV-4PM Intercom System pdf manual download. Page 2: Table Of Contents. Table of.

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Usage of motis lock, which has passed 30, times of handle taking down testing. Bus type with 10 wires Distance: DC24V, mA Mounting apv-4cmd Internal dual locking device, offering safety and comfort. The door camera is characterized by convenient wiring and installation for any environment, which makes it install easily.

And what is more, it is equipped with a convenient speaker phone enabling users to make a phone call in the kitchen, and the telephone number is indicated on LCD at a time of making a call. The CDLR is the most apf-4cme and elegant lock on the market today offering a built in system for safe high temperature, fire apv-4cm function and door lock release function.

It enables users not only to watch TV while cooking in the kitchen and but also to conveniently check visitors without going to the entrance by qpv-4cme such external units as a door camera and a door bell that are installed outside the entrance.

It is characterized by clear images enabling users to watch TV at any angle and convenient receipt of phone calls and checking of visitors in connection with home automation.

Illumination 0 Lux mm from Camera 0 Lux mm from Camera 0. Individual 2 wires CMS Distance: Individual 2 wires CM Distance: It is often used in condominium, house and office, and even any technician can use it easily due to easy installation and wiring.


Alarm setting, time display, messaging recording Telephone receiving Speech recognition Optional Digital Tunner Optional Door lock release CDPA Digital Door Lock Minimalism design of black high glossy finished strengthens durability that keeps from scratch in use. DC 12V, mA Mounting type: If the door is forcibly opened, it gives the alarm, and its double-lock system keeps residents safe by preventing apvv-4cme opening the door even the use of a key or a password from outside.

Alarm voice deters in case of abnormal opening a door. With solid aluminum and stainless steel, it is hardly damaged due to external factors. apv-cme


Panic release, automatic locking, double locking forceful locking Optional: Wall surface mounted type Temperature: Maximization of security and safety by using 3 methods of unlocking Pin number, urgency ap-4cme, RFID card Possibility to use lock passive change when people entering the door, if there are parties or events Alarm voice with high noise will deter, if the door is forcefully entered.

The lock is made from built-in static electricity prevention circuit. Alarm voice with high noise will deter, if the door is forcefully entered.

As it is interlinked with home network system, it provides enhanced convenience at home as state-of-the-art digital door lock system. Ecuador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Panama Peru Uruguay External design, features, functions, and specifications of product are subject to change without any prior notice to ensure the best quality of product.

For safety and convenience, communications to a security guard from inside the house and to visitors at the entrance. COMMAX door phone is characterized by simple installation and wiring for various environments and convenient use in various places including offices, homes, factories and hospitals based on excellent channel expandability between master phones and between a master phone and a sub station.


Also, we offer large number of choices for our customers, by adopting a various colors for this outdoor elegant camera. Individual 2 wires Distance: In case of emergency, it is possible to open a door by simple operating of handle, which activate panic function.

Door phone consists of a speaker and a microphone for voice communications between a visitor at the entrance and an indoor station and guarantees the best quality in communications with a digital circuit. Easy communications use in various places including offices, homes, factories and hospitals.

Commax APV-4PM User Manual

Alarm Voice will deter, if the door is entered by abnormal way. Wall surface mounted type Wiring: Intercom, an interactive communication device that is often used in offices, homes and security companies, that is useful in separate calls and group calls increases efficiency whether it is wired or not.

Functions Possibility to use registered all cards, that have function of transport cards, operating when card apv-4cmf getting close, alarm voice for preventing entrance of undesirable visitors, burglar alarm, removal function of lost cards, one-touch function, auto lock function, built-in static electricity prevention function, battery change alarm function Digital Door Lock Internal dual locking device, offering safety and comfort.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. PLC type Audio output: Since it is an outdoor product, it is very resistant to discoloration and corrosion. Watching TV at any qpv-4cme, Listening to the stereo radio, auto channel selection Convenient function: