Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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The Astell 33 – 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclave Range

Often these will consist of petri dishes, and other plastic containers etc. The report on the last manul that happened is held in maintained memory. It is accessed via the Supervisor Mode described earlier.

Is it possible to limit various cycles to a given operator? It is typically Factory-Set to C.

Customers also need to ensure the water they use is of the required quality; hard water can cause scale problems which will reduce the life of the heaters — so a water softener is recommended in such cases. Open the control case and hinge the front forward. Astell creates a bespoke all-stainless-steel autoclave for toric contact lens producer PolyDev.

A bacterial retentive filter is fitted to the exhaust ensuring nothing leaves the chamber without being sterilized filter may vary from that pictured.

The Overtemperature Cutout is provided to reduce the risk of Fire or consequent damage. This achieves a threshold temperature exactly the same as the Sterilizing temperature and a further function compensates for the small temperature offset between load and chamber during Sterilizing experienced in normal use. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Please consult the Astell Service Department. If screwed-up fragments remain it will be necessary to open the controller case to gain better access to clear the printer.


After the sterilizing stage is complete, water in the bottom of the chamber is expelled and then a post vacuum takes place, removing any remaining steam from the chamber and cooling the load. Yes, although care should be taken to ensure that the autoclave is not overfilled, since this may prevent efficient air removal. The system cannot be started unless the closure is fully secured. What sort of waste can be sterilised using an autoclave with BSL3 option?

This allows the chamber to be cleaned out. Select and Start the chosen Program. View Products in Stock.

Frequently Asked Questions | Astell UK

Do you supply autoclave spare parts separately? This will reset to the previous settings for the program. There is a 30 second safety delay between pressing the “OPEN” Key aetell the bolt release which allows the door to be opened. Note;Never lean on the handle or hang anything over the handle as this will cause the bolt to stick and will cause early failure of the mechanism.

Press NO unless you are prepared to perform calibration.

Astell MXN451 5000 – 6000 Series Autoclave programming instructions

It’s a community-based project autoclaev helps to repair anything. And quit Supervisor Mode. Use only if you are totally sure that you wish to reset program settings. This item not yet used. Usually an Engineer can attend within 48 hours of the call in to our Atoclave Helpline. Since load heat-up rate depends upon the difference between load and chamber temperatures this increases the rate of heatup of the load by a significant and useful factor.


Astell is closing its offices and factory over the December festive period.

To ensure long record life for the standard paper supplied it is best to take a clear Photocopy before archiving the printout.

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Requires a mains water supply. The action for each Function Key is shown on the lower line of the display immediately above the key. Gently tease out the paper from the front or back preferably using Tweezers. Do our autoclaves need to be connected mankal a vent system?

Where a load is suitable for the inclusion of a sensor, and the thermal mass is high compared to the surface area, then Load Sensing can be used to advantage. Please contact Astell for further details. Small front loading autoclave. A cycle report print-out includes provision for operator signatures. An AVC vacuum cycle starts with a pre vacuum which is followed by negative and positive pulsing. To find out more about service and maintenance of your autoclave visit the Service Contracts page or Contact us.

Typically it’s the larger square section autoclaves and machines fitted with a vacuum require servicing up to four times a year. The Supervisor option has the advantage that the Program settings are unaffected.