This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on. CCSi Ultra-Life Specimen Cutting Dies: ASTM D D Upper Specimen Die. D Lower Specimen Die. CCSi manufactures these high quality. Standard Astm d – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The maximum test time: The surfaces of the asm cavity shall either be serrated or contain V-grooves to minimize slippage of the specimen. For all but the lowest viscosity material BRthe precision for unmassed specimens is better than for mill massed specimens.

Testing Standards List

Viscosity and stress relaxation behavior do not depend on such factors as molecular weight and non-rubber constituents in the same way. Originally published as D — 59T. C Time after the standard 1. Over the range of parameter values levels there is a general increase in r and R as the mean level increases. Precision and Bias 7 The viscosity of vulcanizable rubber compounds is recorded during heating at a speci? The large rotor should be used unless the Mooney viscosity would exceed the capacity of the instrument, or when slippage occurs or is suspected.

When the small rotor is used this increase is 3 units and the time is designated t3. Historical Version s satm view previous versions of standard.

Specifications Computer control, Data display, Automatic calibration, Imported intelligent digital temperature controller. Stress relaxation is also a function of the test configuration and for these test methods the results are unique to the Mooney viscometer.


Mooney viscosity curve, Mooney scorch curve, temperature curve of the upper and lower mold 4. Better repeatability within labs and reproducibility between labs is normally obtained on unmassed specimens.

NOTE 12—A low value for the cure index indicates a fast rate-of-cure. Active view current version of standard. Feature of Control Software: See Practice D These test methods include procedures for measuring the initial rate of rubber vulcanization.

Experimental polymers or especially tough materials may require a longer warm-up time.

ASTM D1646 natural rubber mooney viscosity meter

Immediately fold the specimen in half and insert the folded end into the mill for a second pass. The running time d1664 never be less than 2 min. The active element of the sensor shall be 3 to 5 mm 0. Not exactly what you want?

Viscosity interlaboratory precision testing was conducted at two different times; Program 1 in the? Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. In addition to a few insignificant differences there are major technical differences between ISO and this test method in that ISO does not provide for sample preparation on a mill, while this test method allows milling sample preparation in some cases prior to running a Mooney viscosity test.

NOTE 10—Resetting torque to a static zero is aetm because the dynamic zero used for the viscosity test would result in a negative torque value once the material had completely relaxed with a stationary disk.

For these higher molecular weight rubbers, better correlation between viscosity values and molecular weight is obtained if the test temperature is increased. Imported integrated circuit and control components. Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM Headquarters.

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Usually this condition is reached about 10 min after the machine is closed on the specimen. The serrations on the face of the rotor shall 4 Decker, G. The correlation coefficient, r, from the regression equation should also be calculated. Mooney viscosity is defined as the shearing torque resisting rotation of a cylindrical metal disk or rotor embedded in rubber within a cylindrical cavity. A temperature sensor shall be located in each die for control of the die temperature.

Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch 2. This can result in different viscosity values for some rubbers. Last previous edition Asttm — 98a. Packaging Details Standard export wooden case Port china seaport. The die-rotor relationship of one design is shown in Fig. Either situation will result in undue leakage and erroneous results.

When testing low viscosity or e1646 materials, it is permissible to insert between the specimen and die cavity a layer of? The temperature measuring system shall consist of platinum resistance temperature sensors, thermocouples, or thermistors. The small rotor shall conform to the large rotor except the diameter shall be The pieces shall be cut from the prepared specimen and shall be of such dimensions that they will?

Roll the specimen d16646 immediately insert it endwise in the mill for another pass. This test method describes the measurement of the Mooney viscosity.