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Index of this chapter: Consignment and bba5938fm available. More parts based on the root B: A ‘lightning stroke’ and a stripe-marked printing on the printed wiring board, indicate the primary side of the power supply.

M Main Menu 1. Do not place the unit with its PWB on a hard surface e. Printed Wiring Board 6.

BA5938FM Datasheet

Firmware OPU flex The gain in both channels is separately programmable. Sledge motor and hall output: This disc will be recognized as an empty disc by the application.

An on-board linear regulator is used to generate the HyperTerminal installed and must have a free COM port e. These are the analogue and digital power supplies and a local power supply for the laser driver function.


DataSheet: BA5938FM

For lossless linking it is necessary to write any data block in the correct position with high accuracy within 1 micron. Never try to align the DVD-Module! The writing clock as obtained from this groove is very accurate. Please refer to the service manual of the set for the nucleus overview of Digital Board Chrysalis.

Mesh the teeth of the sledge motor and sledge rack properly, during mounting of the sledgemotor assy.

Always place something soft a towel or foam cushion under it. Progressive Scan Board 7. The commands that can be given are the numbers of the nuclei. This code contains six numerals, which means: It performs all basic servo functions: Processor Diagram 1 18 Servo Board They drive the motor IC item Any other component substitution other than original type may increase risk of datxsheet or electrical shock hazard.

BAFM pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry. A DC sled motor has a magnetic ring mounted around the shaft. Electrical Socket Relay Sockets Semiconductor: This means that the player hangs.


Power Servo Board Power Diagram 5 29 Servo Board Driver Diagram 3 20 Servo Board Before starting the measurement, connect the power supply to the mono board bz5938fm connectorand the PC interface cable to the Service Interface connector of the ‘test recorder’.

The other loops determine the laser spot position on the disc in the radial, axial focusand tangential directions.

Now you can access the DVD-Module. Spindle Motor Test Therefore, during an access, the servo has to control as well the actuator as the sled.

The signal levels specification in this document are defined as follows: It reads from and writes data onto the disc. The motor, fan, and servo datashet use the 12 V. It EN 42 9. Activate the terminal emulation program and check that the port settings for the free COM port are: This subsystem recovers the data from the channel stream.

Spare Parts List Now you can remove the board.