Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and to recognize the . by Barbara Marciniak . The cover was conceived of in due time by Peter Everly, while simultaneously the title was received by us – Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the. Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Shaken to the Core – The Magnetic Shifts and Your.

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Paperbackpages. You are a genetic library, and catalogued in your essence of spirit are the archives of personal, planetary, and celestial experiences.

At the precise time of your birth, the stars, planets, moon, and sun were in a specific configuration. When you’re in a relationship, it’s as if there’s a mirror held up in front of abrbara saying, “Look at this!

Your light body must be tempered, exercised, and stretched to gently bring it into its own awareness. We knew there would be twelve chapters, so we got out blank astrology wheels and labeled each house as a chapter. On Earth at this time, there are sacred sites and cultures that you think are lost and that you will never be in contact with again.

Clarity concerning who you intend to be pleiadiaj your reality is one of the prime keys in building your light body.

The chapter on women and their menstruation remains my favorite. Working on a book with them is the same as going to one of their workshops.


Barbara, on the other hand, was your typical free spirit of the times, always in search of something new to expand her perspective, moving often, and absorbing the new thought that California and the world had to offer. The more you share what you know, the more you are filled. The sooner you make that leap, the more you will enjoy yourself.

These are gifts that will make a difference in the shift toward mass cooperation on a planetary scale. To understand yourself, envision a multilayered being, each part having a distinct body that breathes and is connected to the others.

They convey their energy and essence of intent so well in the spoken form. Others who need the formulas will use them to replicate lives, or to reestablish systems that are being destroyed. It will draw to you those things that you dread and that you are certain are going to happen to you. They were impulsed into being.

These cycles, if understood, will automatically benefit the planet. Only then will you benefit others, for if you do not evolve yourself, you do not serve others.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Nov 09, Jessie Jasen rated it it was amazing. Your body goes into shock, unable to process the out-of-ordinary reality. Your task is to translate your purpose into your body and onto Earth. How would you like to live, balancing that reality, twenty-four hours a day? Much as the frequency of gold is used to transform your consciousness, and that of water to wash yourself or quench your thirst, the frequency of humans has untold purposes, as you are now discovering.

Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library – Higher Density Blog

It was just a number of years ago when pictures of Earth, viewed from space, were shown to you for the first time, offering all of you a visual image of yourself as a whole.


Your main imprinting kegs through this mind control machine, which imprints you basically with fear. The meticulous skill, of copyeditor Gail Vivino brought new meaning to the word “clarity,” helping to create a smooth and readable text, and the finesse of Marilyn Hager created the final elegant varbara splendid form. These memories marcinixk bring emotional responses.

Many of you would be very surprised if you peeked a few years into your own futures and saw the so-called unexpected, including what you will be able to do with the energy coming out of your hands.

In this version of creation, woman sprang from the rib mraciniak a man. For many, many years Earth was filled with toxicity not only from radioactive wastes and all kinds of garbage, but leys from the collective dumping of human anger. It introduces various chemicals into your body without you taking anything – without you ingesting any substances at all. If we wish to grow, we must heal a past that we have been connected to.

Over time, an idealized form of civilization was transduced here on Earth to meet the greatest needs of the people.

You will be able to transmute the toxic pollution that is everywhere around your planet.