Imagining Numbers, by Barry Mazur. Brian Anderson. Follow this and additional works at: This Book Review. REVIEW OF BARRY MAZUR’S IMAGINING NUMBERS. (PARTICULARLY THE SQUARE ROOT OF MINUS FIFTEEN) AND. GISBERT W ¬®USTHOLZ’S A. NOTICES OF THE AMS. Imagining Numbers (particularly the square root of minus fifteen). Barry Mazur. Farrar, Straus and Giroux,

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But as Mazur explains, “mathematics views its most cherished answers only as springboards to deeper questions”. No trivia or quizzes yet. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Looking for beautiful books? Notes on conformal field theory with Beilinson and Feigin. The King of Infinite Space.

Barry Mazur

Taught me the incomparable word “onomatoid”. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The ancient Greeks had once believed that all numbers could be expressed as fractions. Barry Mazur Harvard University. Nonetheless, an interesting stroll down the mathematical shops of memory lane, with a smidgen of poetry to boot.

Over time, we see through the ambiguities, punning and loose analogies of natural language, and a precise, clear underlying concept comes into focus.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. Charlie rated it did not like it Aug 20, Thus adding 5 to each number shifts the line 5 places to the right or subtracting shifts it to the leftand multiplying by a positive number causes the number line to e This is an interesting mix numgers poetry, history, algebra and geometry, leading the reader to appreciate the development of the understanding of ithe square root of minus one.


Return to Book Page. But without these strange square roots, mathematicians couldn’t make progress. This book was introduced to me by Ms.

The Art of the Infinite. This is the most entertaining book on mathematics you will ever read but a warning, if you’re rusty on your sums like me, there is a lot of flicking backwards and forwards.

Review: Imagining Numbers by Barry Mazur | Books | The Guardian

I’ve forgotten a lot since studying complex variables 50 years ago, but this book brought a lot of it back. Mazur encourages his readers to share the early bafflement of these Renaissance thinkers.

Where was this to be placed on the number line? A Course in Mathematical Analysis: And finally, multiplying by i rotates the line 90 degrees counterclockwise, giving you the complex plane.

Harvard; Fall on Hecke curves and Galois deformations. The Universal Book of Mathematics. With discussions about how we comprehend ideas both in poetry and in mathematics, Mazur reviews some of the writings of the earliest explorers of these elusive figures, such as Rafael Bombelli, an engineer who spent most of his life draining the swamps of Tuscany and who in his spare moments composed his great treatise “L’Algebra”. Sunil Rampuria rated it liked it Jun 09, Refresh and try again.

This is perhaps what makes poetry or music, with boundaries of metre or harmony, good analogies for the mathematical creative process.

Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. If listed the facts it miagining, you would think it had the most random information, but it flows quite well.

The Language of Nature. As is too often the case with this kind of book, the layout is confusing and the trickier mathematical concepts are hurried through. The store-owners called to ask if she had made a mistake. He didn’t explain them very well but he caught my interest. Kavi Duvvoori rated it imaginning was amazing Mar 03, But ultimately what sets mathematics apart from other creative disciplines is the fact that ambiguity is anathema to the mathematician, while it is one of the joys of imagjning.


A Most Elegant Equation. Reminds me of my own initial angst when I first heard that a straight line IS the shortest distance between two points But how can that be? Paper in pdf format: Imagining Numbers charts the mental journey that the collective mathematical psyche experienced as it barrg to terms with the shocking idea that a negative number imaginibg have a square root. Particularly the Square Root of Minus Fifteen.

Apr 28, Ginnz rated it did not like it. Order it from Amazon. I distributed some copies of my article but never published it, and I misplaced my own copy.

An irritating and badly rel]alised attempt to compare poetic and scientific imagination, with particular reference to conceptualising ‘i’ and its relatives.

Deleuze on Music, Painting, and the Arts. Mathematics in Twentieth-Century Literature and Art.