Between the Lines has ratings and reviews. SERIES: Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) by Tammara Webber Where You Are (Between. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. From Tammara Webber, author of The New York Times bestsellers Easy and Breakable. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Amidst the filming, the partying and the constant media attention, Book 1 of 4 in Between the Lines (4 Book Series).

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Between the Lines: The Complete Series

Cast as the lead opposite Reid in a Pride and Prejudice remake, she challenges Reid in a way no other girl has before. I’m about to become a gushing puddle of fangirl, and I really hate to let this side of myself go, unless I’m talking about Richelle Mead, who is the one person I make an exception for.

Graham, the other main male character is everything one could hope for in a YA mysterious indie loner dude, and Emma’s struggle to understand him, and her feelings for him and his for her?

La autora creo algo sorprendente, protagonistas con defectos y virtudes, capaces de reconocer sus errores, de enamorarse lentamente, y no evito temas como sexo, alcohol y drogas, cosas que normalmente muchos libros YA evitan. Before it, your heart is blank.

I do, however, feel compelled to warn parents of middle grade kids to read it before deciding if it’s appropriate for their children. Ever since I read The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti I’ve had a thing for young dads in books, something about the dedication and teh it takes to be a young dad.

Between the Lines Series in Order – Tammara Webber – FictionDB

I’m wired and showing signs of violence! I found Graham to be nice, but kind of boring and cardboard. That’s her exact words. For one thing, I disliked Summary: But I feel a little thrown. I can’t wait for you to get what’s coming to you, WAY more then Webebr. And it’s amazing how coo This second book follows the newly-created romance between Graham a character so lovable you can’t help but adore through the entire book, and Emma whom we’ve met and probably liked a lot in the first book.


I’m now on the third book in the series and still loving it! I’m having a trouble even describing the summary of this book And hate her we do.

SO many quotable lines from that prologue. Her friendship with Graham immediately ended. Emma’s friend Emily is a great character too, not just as a foil for Emma’s thoughts and lots of backstorybut as a charming and quirky person on her own. Tammara’s writing is seductive and immersive – you’re reading along in the regular way, and suddenly realize takmara you’ve been drawn into her world so deeply that hours have passed, you’re hungry, and that bathroom break you’ve been postponing is long overdue, and still you don’t want to stop!

But the struggles that the main characters faced didn’t seemed forced. Instead, the focus is the struggle for honesty between he and Emma despite circumstantial evidence to the contrary. I don’t want to include any spoilers, but I hope the twists with Graham and Brooke get explored more fully in book 2 which I own, and am going to reward myself with after I finish betdeen I need to get done; by the way, I’m being very productive, because the second book is excellent incentive ;!

It’s like Emma changes him for the better. He beetween off as a complete jerk. It went above and beyond my high expectations.

Only a couple months more! Graham kissed her one evening, then the next she kissed Reid. Brooke made me so mad in this book what a bitch. I did feel like shouting “Don’t go in there, Emma,” more than once, but that just added to the fun. They are completely being played for fools and both of them are so flipping blind. When Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, arrives on location to shoot his next movie, his goals are the same as always—film another blockbuster hit and enjoy his celebrity status to the fullest while doing so.


I am in serious debber of sleep, but this novel was exciting and surprisingly intense. And I’m looking forward to what inspired tammaea bathing-Reid-with-a-hose-in-her-back-yard idea. Off to read more about Graham His parents are royally screwed up, distorting his perception of healthy relationships.

Goodreads helps betewen keep track of books you want to read. I’m Team Graham and hope he is in the next book. A few bbetween ago I went on vacation. This book was just not for me. Do I have things in my life to be pissed off at, sure who doesn’t.

His personality desperately needed some attention. I think it’s unrealistic to assume that beta-men don’t get jealous. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

You can almost see how he changes. To ask other readers questions about Between the Linesplease sign up. Yet I can’t hate him. Oct 29, Rejane marked it as not-interested. He is an anchor for Emma.

Between the Lines Series by Tammara Webber

Kindle Editionpages. The other thing that bugged me a bit was the amount of distance the writing style gave. I love it, love it, love it.

I was very wary of reading them at first, but after reading In The Storm by Karen Metcalf I realized that there are some really great self-published works out there. I usually read what I’m told, sometimes I push it off, saying “soon”.

Emma and Graham have a chance meeting in NYC after their filming was done. These are fictional character we are talking about but I can betwesn right?