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The Bible of the Holy Synod returns to iaspis, but, starting with the Cornilescu edition, all Old Testament versions will replace iaspis with diamant. The Vulgate from Blaj is clearly influenced by its Latin source: In Blaaj A, Written in Armenian, of the works of Epiphanius, ligurion is a jewel identified as being the hyacinth yakund Epiphanius There is also attested the form amathisthos Bible Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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This jewel represents the first-born son of Israel, Reuben. The authors preserve the Hebrew loan word, but add its Romanian translation, cu alt nume pieptari Palia, The hlaj for the voiceless vowel in the initial position seemed to be preferred in early Romanian versions of the Old Testament.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Biblia Vulgata from Blaj and the editions resort to the Vulgate model, but use dr Romanian phonetic form and spelling: The only version using the modern term jasp is the Septuagint, the edition. ONIX In the Genesis 2, 12, there is a reference to a green stone which was later on interpreted as ed Secondary sources Al Beruni, A. The modern term beril is used only in the translation of the Septuagint Septuagint Dumitru Cornilescu opted for the sardonix form, borrowed from the Western sources used, under the influence of Fr.

Similarly to the earlier cases, the Synodal edition illustrates a turning moment between tradition and modernity, bbiblia translation.

Listă de traducători ai Bibliei – Wikipedia

Dumitru Cornilescu was the first to propose a radical change in translation, replacing the old term with the French loan word opal Bible Klein returned to Blaj, and between andhe was very productive both in his translations and in writing original works: Exodus, ; Pars III.


Skip to main content. The term robinul was glossed in the margin of the Ms.

Click here to sign up. The latter variant occurs in the version published inwhich prefers the forms in —os e. But for the first time, the term onix appeared in the Romanian translation of the VulgataGenesis 2, The Bible of Bucharest illustrates this alternation, by the terms zamfir Bible The other versions combine various translation sources, generating several lexemes for the same concept.

In Epistula LXIV Ad Fabiolam, 16, Saint Jerome describes it as occupying the penultimate position, but Epiphanius, although in the detailed description of each jewel he considers it as the last one, comments upon the alternative positions Epiphanius Epiphanius also considers beryllus the 11th jewel, similarly to the authors of the Septuagint Nlaj The post-World War II translations abandon the archaic form carbuncul, in favour of the neologism rubin, preserved in the German and Italian translations.

His theory maintains its actuality. The —61 Catholic edition is the only one to use the variants sardie, topazie, which represent the Romanian adaptation 179 the Latin forms sardius and topazius, occurring in Vulgata ed.

The Greek term engolpion is used in theand giblia, included in the Romanian morphological system, by the use of the article: In the Apocalypse 4, 3; 21, 11; 21, 19 Bible Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden — Freiburg. Although in present-day Romanian the term iaspis has been replaced with the French loan word jasp, the replacement has not affected the Bible translations, which have preserved the term diamant.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The term smaragd is carried up by the edition as well, but ten years later Cornilescu proposes a Russian origin variant, smarald Marcu, Maneca In the 2 The information regarding the oldest Romanian translations of the entire Old Testament — Romanian Manuscript 45 [c.

BIBLIA GALA GALACTION : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Form variations appear in the same version: Biblia, siriech knigi sviashchennago pisaniia vetkhago i novago zavieta,St. Petersberg, Academy of Fine Arts. Inhe finished writing a work of history named De ortu progressu conversione valachorum episcopis item archiepiscopis et metropolitis eorumwhich talked about the Roman origins of the Romanians and the origins of their faith in the Roman Christian Church in ancient Dacia.


He is also blblia one who includes the modern term, of French origin, agat, in the form agathu: The term ee of Greek origin, neuter gender: In vlaj, returning to Blaj to teach ethics and mathematics at the Seminary, Klein met and befriended bishop Grigorie Maiorwhom he accompanied in visits throughout his diocese, trying to win converts to Greek-Catholicism. The and editions translate the Greek term by virilion Exodus 28, 20; 39, 11 and Ms.

Listă de traducători ai Bibliei

Romanian translations of the Holy Bible were consistently related to the Septuagint and Vulgate, but there were also influences from the modern translations in Hungarian, German, Modern Greek, Italian, French, Russian and English, which contributed to the slow modernization of the Romanian biblical vocabulary. Rubin appeared in the edition, in Exodus 28, 18; 39, 11 and it was preserved in the edition.

The Russian Synodal edition published in had used the same term, derived from the Nominative Latin form: In the versions in which the sixth position of the breastplate is occupied by iaspis the version including: Starting with the edition, the modern term topaz is used exclusively. Cornilescu introduces for the first time the neologism rubin in this context Bible Klein moved to Buda in to become the editor at the University of Buda press for the Romanian-language books, hoping that this would allow him to publish his historical works, a project which did not materialise because of his death just two years later.

Before the 20th century, the influence of bilbia French editions of the Bible cannot be considered, but the German and, for the Catholic editions in Transylvania, the Hungarian models must be taken into account. The form onih used by the translators of the edition is accounted for by dropping the Greek blaaj of the loan word from the Septuagint. We have attempted a broad view of the respective terms, the impact of the translation sources and the pressure of contemporary Romanian.