Before Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows, there was Big Red, the classic boy-and-dog story of adventure and friendship in the wild mountains of. "Big Red" was a champion Irish setter; Danny was a young trapper who knew more about the ways of varmints and hounds than of the world of. Buy a cheap copy of Big Red book by Jim Kjelgaard. “Big Red” was a champion Irish setter; Danny a young trapper who knew more about the ways of varmints.

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Big Red (Big Red #1)

Oct 11, Hannah Clennnon rated it really liked it. I loved Red, and really liked Danny and his father. First published seventy-three years and twenty-six days ago, this story is based in the Wintapi Forest, in the eastern part of the United States, a three-hour drive to New York City. Many thanks, once again, to the Public Library system, and the many Librarians that manage, organize and keep it running, for the loan of this book!

In the beginning Danny is working for his boss Mr. Bantam Books- Juvenile Fiction – pages. One day Danny goes to see Mr.

She had a daughter, by Ch. Finally I looked up the copyright and found it was published in Jun 01, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up Buy. His family has tried to kill this bear for years and he also wants to. In the book Big Red, most of the pages talk about Danny and Red, but there are many other characters.

Jim Kjelgaard

Haggin is teaching Danny about ‘showing’ and breeding fine show dogs. Dan Driscoll, the eco planner who for two decades has kjelvaard to clean up the Charles River, adding greenways and native plantings. But the greatest test of their courage and friendship will come from an enemy more kjeltaard than any they’ve known before—a bear who is the undisputed king of the wilderness, a savage killer called Old Majesty. I sat down to dinner to reread it and prepare some teaching notes, but was distracted by the meal I prepared of lamb chops and sweet corn.


Eventually he gets hired to be a trainer, but the dog’s leg is injured and will not be able to show any longer. By acting as the predator, I saw the river deeply — I noticed where the small eddies were as the brook made a slight bend, I saw the hole behind the rock, the overhanging tree cooling the water, the place where the creek pinched together and the small falls that followed.

Big Red (Big Red #1)

Jim Kjelgaard’s style of describing and writing about the woods is unparalleled by any other boy’s author. Would Kjelgqard be able to work with I thought when I began re-reading this book yesterday that I might change its star rating from 5 to 4. His books were primarily about dogs and wild animals, often with animal protagonists and told from the animal’s point of view.

Red gets injured but has 5 puppies in the end. Haggin doesn’t want to get rid of Red, his show dog, but he will with a discounted price just for Re. Sep 13, Kam Hope rated it really liked it Shelves: Kjelgaard also wrote short fiction for several magazines, including The Saturday Evening PostArgosyand Adventure.

But, to his credit, Kjslgaard Red wasn’t a racist asshole like Lad a Dog. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Dave Drakula, writing in Jim Kjelgaard — From the Bigwoods to Hollywood, recounted a time when Kjelgaard and his brother Henry were outside playing when Kjelgaard spotted a bear.

Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard | : Books

We can upcycle a subject for a future blog. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Other books in the series.

If you think we might need to communicate with you, please include your email address. Colleen was also a great companion. Haggins owns a large estate, and raises cattle and sheep, and keeps a stable of horses, First published seventy-three years and twenty-six days ago, this story is based in the Wintapi Forest, in the eastern part of the United States, a three-hour drive to New York City.


He was brought to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, where his problem was diagnosed as a tumor but he did not have to have surgery at the time. View all 4 comments. Some of the facts of trapping are similarly glossed over. IMO, if kids are looking to be scared and feel chills up and down their spine, this is a lot healthier than some of the truly twisted I loved this book as a child and reread it many times.

Account Options Sign in. Such problems aside, the book is a good story of a boy and his dog.

Soon, neither boy nor dog can stand to be apart. Kjelgaard is definitely a young adult writer, with story lines that are straightforward, lacking the difficult layering of themes.

He kjeogaard for 69 years and wrote 31 books. Jim’s father, Carroll W. There was excitement, amusing moments, and plenty of heart. It is about a man and a dog who try to kill a bear who eats there cattle. The red dog was not a hound—Danny knew vaguely that it was called ijelgaard Irish setter—but never before had he seen any dog that revealed at first glance all the qualities a dog should have.

Dogs, bi young man, and mountain forests. Please be clear in your message, if you are referring to the information found on this web page; or the contents of kkjelgaard book. The feeling of the woods and the outdoors comes through with complete reality. Oct 11, A rated it it was amazing Shelves: So I got an Irish Terrier, who was the grand daughter of the legendary Ch.

I loved the thrilling adventures from the “smaller” ones like his encounter with the wolverine to the main conflict with the savage bear. Would Danny be able to work with the beautiful dog?