Building on its industry leading automatic toolset boujou software, boujou 5 allows This is the first part of a multi step tutorial that teached you how to create . boujou 5 features a new Automatic Sequential Solver, allowing you to track a Even a novice learning from tutorials will be able to use the. Platform: Architectural Association. School: Undergraduate / Intermediate. Course: AAMotionLab. DIP. [AAMotionStudio.

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A tip helping you to apply the techniques and procedures in the text to your specific use or to suggest an alternative method.

Tip If you have Optimize Focal Length selected in the Model pane, boujou will adjust the focal length value as you add springs. This is because, with the current settings, boujou cannot find any 2D tracks that will have 3D prediction points in the next frame. Solve from Existing Camera will take this camera path as a starting point and then refine it.

Go to the last frame of the sequence and edit the shape of the mask. Seed solve in the Timeline Reviewing the Seed Solve In this lesson, you learn how to examine the structure of the seed bojjou you created previously and how to make the camera path approximately level with the ground plane.

With nodal pan shots, the camera movement is pure rotation. Tracking begins on all the selected tutoriaos. If it is hidden, on the View menu point to Panes and then click Zoom. Select this option to closely bouujou tracking. You can now use the model as a test object.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Using the Graph Editor to Improve the Solve In this lesson you learn how to identify and correct problems with the solve you generated in the previous lessons of this tutorial. During playback, the center of the group of selected tracks remains static. In this sequence, the easiest way to do this is to delete the keys to the end of the solve and adjust the control handles to make the channels more even. The fill area can be either inside or outside the outline and defines the regions in which you do not want boujou to find 2D features.


Hayao Miyazaki — The Interview. Click the Translate button, select the test object, and use the mouse to change the position of the test object. Tracking Buttons Perform the actual tracking functions. Chris Landreth Talks ‘Subconscious Password’. In the Timeline pane, expand the Masks branch of the artifact tree.

To relocate a file: If Exact Filenames Only is selected in the Relocate Files dialog box, only the file whose name matches the selected file is displayed in the file browser. Correct the alignment of the model and then continue the tracking.

However, every shot is different and the workflow in this tutorial may not be the best way to work with every shot. Importing a Model and Aligning it to the Image on page Tracking the Model on page Generating 3D Structure and Optimizing the Solve on page For this tutorial, you need the following image sequence and model files: In the Type column, double-click and change the type to Fixed to Value.

Click the Toggle Edit Mode button to leave Edit mode. You have now completed all the set up steps and are ready to begin target tracking. To change their ordering, click the column heads.

The higher the Break Threshold value, the worse the health of a track is for a given score see Break Threshold on page In 2D view, go to frame 1. Use the Timebar to go to the furthest left keyframe frame 15 in the example in Figure and make sure Target track 12 is selected.

Click the Update Coord Frame button to apply it to the scene. Convention This type Description Menus, commands, buttons, and options displayed in boujou. To give smoother interpolation by deleting keys, drag to select the required keys, right-click and click Remove Keys.

boujou 5 tutorial plus after effects cs 5

This lets you see how much the surrounding pixels move relative to the selected point. Note that, as the project has already been feature-tracked, the Image window contains tracking information.

To navigate between keyframes for selected tracks, use the Next Key and Previous Key buttons in the Play Controls toolbar, as shown in Figure Two clicks and the majority of your shots can be matchmoved automatically. Move the Timebar to the frame where Target track 12 stops on the left side of the Timeline. When tracking is complete for the selected tracks in bujou forward direction, return to frame 50 and make sure all tracks are selected.


Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Aligning the Model and Finishing the Solve In the previous lesson, you imported a model into a sequence and initialized the key schedule to find out which frames would be best for aligning the camera. Finalizing the Solve Having imported a model and used it to create survey points, you can fill in the gaps between the keyframes and improve the solve.

To edit target tracks: Click different points in the Timeline to display the images at those points.

For information, see Specifying the Frames to Track on page Terms in a definition list or emphasis for important introductory words in a paragraph.

This is because this marker does not change shape a great deal through the shot and boumou does not need any boujoy keyframes to track. Tracking the Background In this lesson, you tuyorials to track the background behind the mask you created in the previous lesson.

Ho provato tutto il pomeriggio a modificare il codice ma non conoscendo la sintassi ho cercato di capire a logica. If you do not do this, you will remain in Edit mode for the original track and will simply move your last placed track when you click on the next marker. The software described in this document is furnished under a license agreement or nondisclosure agreement. This is always the case tutorial you have selected Overwrite Existing Cameras in the Sequential Solver pane.

Edited channels in Graph Editor 8. In this lesson, you learn how to get boujou to generate more camera positioning information, so that it can finish solving the sequence.

Move the cursor and click again. When you are in this mode, you can click a vertex and drag the cursor to the point that you want it aligned to.