Untuk itu anda bisa membaca beberapa trik usaha yang berjudul Cara budidaya sawi hijau di Polybag Mudah Hemat Tempat dan Praktis ini secara lengkap. Dalam usaha budidaya atau menanam tanaman cabe merah atau rawit dalam pot atau polybag hal terakhir yang dilakukan adalah cara atau Cara menanam cabe sebenarnya relatif sama dengan cara menanam tomat karena memang dua . Have you ever thought that your home page can also be used as something useful? One of them is planting various types of plants and.

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Selamat Datang Para Pembaca, mari berbagi Ilmu. Eggplant planting daalam pots Still pass the information that I got through leaflets that were distributed during training the day before yesterday KRPL companion yaa Who is not familiar with eggplant?

Hmit seems most of us are familiar with one type of vegetable is yesor maybe even make it as a vegetable craze. YesEggplant is already commonly consumed in our society.

Besides consumed as vegetablessome are taking it as a cure hemorrhoidseven for compounds solasodinnyaeggplantalso known as birth control. If necessary chemical fertilizersit is advisable done by dikocor of 3. When severe attacks can destroy all the leaf tissue and bones live alone leaves. Ulat Grayak SpodopterailturaF.

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Posted by rahmat xcel at Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Masih meneruskan informasi yg kudapat melalui leaflet yg dibagikan saat pelatihan pendamping KRPL kemarin dulu yaa…. Siapa yang belum mengenal Terong? Hm, tampaknya sebagian besar dari kita sudah mengenal salah satu jenis sayuran ini ya, atau bahkan mungkin menjadikannya sebagai sayuran kegemaran.

Ya, Terong memang sudah umum dikonsumsi di masyarakat kita.

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Selain dikonsumsi sebagai sayur, ada budixaya yang mengkonsumsinya sebagai obat wasir, bahkan karena kandungan senyawa solasodinnya, terong dikenal juga sebagai pencegah kehamilan. For that you can read some tricks effort titled How green cabbage cultivation in poly Easy and Practical save this place is complete with the following trick: How to green mustard cultivation in poly Easy Save Points and Practical Here mustard conventional cultivation techniques in land: Seed is one of the critical success factors of farming.

Good seeds will produce plants that grow nice. Mustard seed requirement for every hectare of arable land of grams. Mustard seed is bududaya, small. Shiny smooth surface and a bit harsh.

Blackish brown seed coat color. Seed that will be used must have a good quality, if we have to consider buying a long storage, varieties, water content, temperature and keep it.

It also should pay attention to dalamm packaging must be intact seeds. Good packaging is with aluminum foil. If we use the seeds from the pananaman we must pay attention to the quality of the seed, dlam example, plants that will be taken as the seed must be older than 70 days. And planting mustard seed that will be separate from other mustard plants. Also pay attention to the process that will be mesilnya with dianginkan, storage and budidayya duration of use of seeds no more than 3 years.


Tillage generally do crumble and a raised bed. Stages pengemburan ie cultivation to improve soil structure and circulation of air and the provision of basic fertilizer to improve soil physical and chemical soil fertility would add that polybab will use. Land to be digemburkan to be cleared of rocks, grass, shrubs or trees growing. And free of the shaded area, because of mustard like in direct sunlight.

While the depth of the soil dug as deep as 20 to 40 cm. Excellent organic budidwya for soil preparation. Manure is given when the crumble so fast and evenly mixed with the soil that will be used. If the area has a too low pH acidic should be performed calcification. Liming aims to raise the degree of soil keasam, liming is done long before planting the seed, which is approximately 2 to 4 weeks earlier.

So a good time to do tilling the soil is weeks before the land was about to be planted. Seeding can be done simultaneously with the processing of the soil for planting. Because it is more efficient and more seeds will quickly adapt to its environment. Medium size nursery that is the width of cm and a length of meters.

Berbagi Ilmu

Two weeks before sowing, nursery sprinkled with manure and urea plus 20 grams, 10 grams of TSP, and 7. Cara do seeding is as follows: Beds with a width of cm and length according to the size of the plot. Currently in toomat raised polyvag planting distance of 40 x 40 cm, 30 x 30 and 20 x 20 cm. Pick a good seed, remove the seeds carefully, then make a hole with the size of x cm.

So will greatly affect the results to be obtained. The first thing to note is watering, watering depends on the season, when the rainy season is considered excessive then we need to do a reduction in the water, but on the contrary when the dry season comes we have to add water for the adequacy of mustard plants we planted. If not too panaspenyiraman done just polybga a day afternoon or early morning.

The next stage is budixaya, thinning performed 2 weeks after planting. How to pull plants that grow too tightly. The next step taken is stitching, embroidery is the act of replacing it with a new crop plants. It is very easy that dead plant pests and diseases or replaced with new plants.

Weeding is usually done times during the planting mustard, adjusted to the presence of weeds in planting beds. Usually weeding done 1 or 2 weeks after planting. If need be done in conjunction with the tilling and weeding pengguludan. Can also with one teaspoon of about 25 grams dissolved in 25 liters of water can be sprayed to 5 m beds. The seeds sown in a nursery box denagn sand media.

Seed treated until ready ditanaman at the age of 14 days from seed sown. Provide a planting medium soil top soil, manure, sand and compost in the ratio 2: Enter the planting medium mixture into polybags measuring 20 x 30 cm. Move the plant seeds are ready to plant into polybags available.

Plants were transferred normally have leaved strands. Steps hydroponic cultivation is as follows: Prepare the nursery container.


Insert the media in the form of fine sand sterilized thick cm. Sprinkle the seeds of mustard on it buxidaya up back with 0.

Once the seedlings grow and leafy strands age minggu0, seeds removed carefully, then the roots are washed with water until clean, the roots are too long can be polybay. Make the planting hole with a distance of about 25 x 25 cm, enter the seed into the hole, cover the roots of seedlings with the media to pass through the root buidaya, try to position the seed perpendicular to the media.

Give the hydroponic solution through watering, can also be done with the administration of irigation drip system or other systems, new plants to grow further maintained. Caterpillars growing point Crocidolomia binotalis Zell. Wet Rot soft root. Disease fall seedlings dumping off.

In the case considered crucial harvesting harvesting and how to harvest. Harvesting mustard longest 70 days. The shortest lifespan of 40 days.

Cara menanam tomat dalam polybag | TANAMAN | Pinterest | Growing tomatoes, Garden and Plants

First look at the physical plant such as color, shape and size of leaves. How to harvest there are two kinds of uprooting the whole plant and its roots and by cutting the base of the stem above the ground with a sharp knife. Post-harvest mustard to note are: Tomat dikategorikan sebagai sayuran, meskipun mempunyai struktur buah. Tanaman ini bisa tumbuh baik didataran rendah maupun tinggi mulai dari meter dpl, tergantung dari varietasnya.

Tanaman tomat menghendaki tanah yang subur dan gembur, dengan pH sekitar 5, Di alam bebas pohon tomat berbentuk seperti perdu, ketinggiannya bisa mencapai tinggi 3 meter. Namun setelah dibudidayakan tinggi tanaman ini tak lebih dari 2 meter dan biasanya ditopang oleh ajir atau tali untuk menahan agar tidak roboh. Tanaman tomat bisa tumbuh baik di berbagai media seperti lahan terbuka, hidroponik, taman vertikultur dan media pot atau polybag. Pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan menguraikan tentang cara menanam tomat dalam polybag.

Secara umum, orang membedakan tomat dari bentuk buahnya. Terdapat empat golongan tomat yang banyak beredar di pasaran yakni, 1 Tomat buah atau tomat granola, bentuknya bulat dengan pangkal mendatar 2 Tomat gondol, bentuknya lonjong biasa digunakan sebagai bahan baku saus, 3 Tomat sayur, teskturnya keras rasanya sedikit kecut, 4 Tomat cherry, bentuknya kecil rasanya manis kecut.

Cara menanam tomat dalam polybag tidaklah sulit. Langkah pertama pilih jenis tomat dan varietas yang akan ditanam. Sesuaikan lokasi tempat budidaya dengan varietas tomat yang akan dipilih, terutama untuk kondisi iklim dan ketinggian tempat.

Untuk hasil yang maksimal, gunakan benih unggul dari sumber yang terpercaya. Benih tomat dari berbagai varietas bisa didapatkan di toko-toko pertanian. Keterangan mengenai sifat-sifat tanaman bisa dibaca pada label yang tertera dalam kemasan benih.

Cara menanam tomat dalam polybag sebaiknya melalui tahap persemaian terlebih dahulu. Benih yang berupa biji harus disemaikan menjadi bibit tanaman. Langkah ini diperlukan karena benih yang baru tumbuh memerlukan perlakuan yang berbeda dengan tanaman yang telah tumbuh besar.