* Joined: 24/09/ Messages: 5. Offline, Shall I get “Business Intelligence with SpagoBI” book in hard copy?. SPAGOBI COMPETENCY CENTER. Developing Business Intelligence solutions using the only % open source BI suite. Business Intelligence with SpagoBI. : Business Intelligence with SpagoBI eBook: SpagoBI Competency Center: Kindle Store.

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Visualize and interpret relations among entities through specialized views. A previous email exchange indicated that this was the case, but wanted to confirm in case something has changed between then and now Charts Development customizable and interactive graphics histograms, pie charts, bar charts, scatter diagrams, line charts, buble charts, scatter charts.

Todos los derechos ontelligence. What-if Analysis SpagoBI what-if analysis allows you to simulate scenarios and predict the effects of potential changes in your business strategies. Ad-hoc reporting Self-create your multi-sheet reports, including tables, cross-tables and charts.

Elle est encore plus flagrante sur ce nouveau guide. We’re going to update the book with the new features of the 4. Aggregate different analysis into a single view, set navigation paths, and intelligennce your data a dynamic and graphical way.

What SpagoBi offers?

Stratebi is the first and only certified partner in Spain. As I purchased this book in May, can I get a free update of Version 4. Realize and tailor your business analytics no matter where you are with SpagoBI mobile! Just wanted to add a voice to the thread – the SpagoBI E-book currently in more info indicates that an updated version of the book will be available in According to current needs, allow SpagoBI manage data in any format, allowing intelligennce analysis, including unstructured data, such as as audio files, videos and images.

Collaboration Create witth reports, improve the analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users. Write a review Propose a solution. It has a panel to manage the processes of analysis, it can run in the background or be programmed to start and stop at a scheduled time. Ad-hoc reporting It allows users to create their own reports of multiple pages, including tables, crosstabs and charts.


It enables organizations with timely well-informed decision-making power through highly interactive dashboards and business spaglbi. Charts Develop ready-to-use charts according wuth your single charts and interactive ones.

SpagoBI offers a complete set of tools to create, manage, visualize KPI, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarms. SpagoBI offers a wide range of tools:. SpagoBI is not simply an addition of solutions, it offers a powerful combination through its advanced model.

It offers a number of engines that gives many options to the developer and let’s her or him choose the one that best suites the needs. In additional to traditional data warehouses, SpagoBI supports in-memory technologies, in order to enable faster data insights and get the highest analytical efficiency.

SpagoBI is a very flexible suite. Visit regularly SpagoBI website, follow us on the social networks and stay tuned! It allows to extract knowledge, discover patterns from large volumes of data to improve decision making and business strategies. It is very powerfull due to its unique approach to Dashboard integration, cross navigation, Geographical information integration and CEM approach for real time BI.

Explore data with different axis of analysis and different levels of detail, with drill-down operations, drill across, slice and dice, drill -through, The analytical world offers solutions for reporting, multidimensional analysis OLAPdata mining Data Miningdashboards Dashboard and ad-hoc queries.

Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time. It covers all areas of project analysis of Business Intelligence, with totally innovative tools. If not, when will it be available and will it be available as a free-download for those that recently purchased a prior version?


Business Intelligence with SpagoBI BOOKs

And how can I get this update? Twitterincluding but not limited to keywords, hashtags, followers, short-links and SpagoBI documents. SpagoBI enables data mash-up into interactive cockpits, which you can build by yourself.

An entity can be animate e. Technical Features Big Data.

SpagoBI Open Source

Extract relevant information from streaming data and define effective business strategies! Analysis of aggregate information in a single view, stable navigation routes, and allows data dynamically exploit its graphical manner.

SpagoBI is an integration wlth and not a product platformsince it is not built around a predefined set of tools. Visualize your business data on maps i.

SpagoBI / Business intelligence suites / Open Source Guide

Spago BI and Big Data. SpagoBI provides specific tools for social network listening and monitoringcrucial to make proper decisions and develop effective business strategies.

SpagoBI what-if analysis allows you to simulate scenarios and predict the effects of potential changes in your business strategies. Monitor your business process and customize your real-time analytics no buiness where you arethanks to SpagoBI for mobile. Assessments Smile Visitors 4 Opinion. External processes Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time.

Please fill out all the the notes. Los Angeles, CA Offline. Collaboration Create structured report dossiers, enrich your analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users.