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Tie-rods for assembling kit C. Front and rear flange Mod. Bistable pneumatic valve with outlets on sub-base – size Series 3 and 4 mechanically operated sensor valves. Cylinders with Roller bearings Mod. Series MTB motors for electric actuation. Riunione Agenti Italia Series MD pressure filter-regulators. Series GB planetary gearboxes. Series 63 cylinders – round tube, through rod. Series 6PF Positioning Feedback cylinders. Electro-pneumatically actuated valve – size Pneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size 10,5.

Electrical tee box Mod. Slot nut 8 with flexible flap.

Series MX take-off blocks. CGPS gripper, size 25 mm – dimensions.


Series 2 mechanically operated minivalves. Nel sito Prodotti Download News.

IVAR – Archivio

Series MD filters with visual blockage indicator – dimensions. Series M pressure microregulator. Short finger gripper Mod.

Short-stroke cylinders Series QP. Series MD coalescing filters with visual indicator – dimensions. Series 97 stainless steel cylinders. Mechanical and manual valves. Intermediate module with 1 position – Mod. CGPT gripper, size 16 mm – dimensions. Intermediate module with 1 position – Mod. Series CSN proximity switches. Compact minicylinders with threaded piston rod Mod.

Dimensions for Series QX with double flange. Screws for wall mounting Mod. Series AP proportional valves – size 16mm. La fiera internazionale del condizionamento, riscaldamento e raffrescamento ha acquisto un forte rilievo nel settore HVACR Flange for axial connection Mod.

Opposed cylinder coupler Mod. Electro-pneumatically operated valves – dimensions.

Series 1000 rapid push-in fittings for plastic tubes

Electropneumatic valve, monostable with outlets on sub-base – s. Cylinders Series 61 with rod lock. Cylinders Series 62 with rod lock. CGLN gripper, bore 16 mm – dimensions. Smart Building Levante Series MD coalescing filters.


Series MC manifold pressure regulators.