Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Legacy is a series of novels by Cayla Kluver that follow a young princess that must decide between a forbidden love and her obligations to her kingdom. Kluver . Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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So I had wondered why, and after I finished the book, she told me. You see, the evil War Lord of Cokqui is moving forces and it appears Hytanica will be imminently at war. As for the villain. They have flaws and you’re still rooting for them in some capacity or another. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of In the first book I didn’t much care for Steldor Alera’s betrothed I wished Alera was stronger or braver, but I’m pretty sure that is going to happen in the next books Allegiance and Sacrifice.

She’s in love with him, and that’s that. The plot has more holes that Swiss cheese. Is that talent or what? Courage won’t be enough. And those authors definitely know how to make the reader crave for more. This is a bad criteria by which to operate your love life. I’m giving you this background to make some sense of the upcoming rant. But she could not have guessed that their clandestine meetings would unveil the dark legacy shadowing both their lands.

Allegiance (Legacy, #2) by Cayla Kluver

I was willing to put up with it because I do like lluver description, but the descriptions would take a good chunk of the book. When the palace guard captures and intruder—a boy her age with steel-blue eyes, The cover is gorgeous and the story was most interesting. Klver for god shake’s, she is a queen now! Overall, it’s a well-written book with a very interesting and touching story. I can deal with–if it’s well done. He’s in his 30’s or 40’s, I think.


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Steldor comes off as self-absorbed and cruel, but Kluver wants you to think he’s more than that, and so she tosses in enough contradictory behavior which only succeeds in making him look bi-polar. And as heartless as this sounds, when faced with giving up your parents or giving up your entire leacy, it’s obvious which is the right decision to take. He transformed into a caring and thoughtful man, plus he was so very handsome how could she continue to resist him?

Not only dumb, but selfish, immature, and misguided. Allegiance definitely reads like a second book in the series; it is setting up the third book, Sacrifice, which comes out this year as well. I’ll try for blunt and hope it doesn’t come across to badly. From reading other GR reviews I found out this was written by a 16 year old or 14 or 18 year lefacy I’m too lazy to find out the author’s age tbh.

Legacy (novel series)

I hate him too! Th Most people who pick up this book or series won’t be looking for or expecting to find a pretty good story about politics and war, but this one is. Ratings and Reviews 0 3 star ratings 0 reviews. He reveals more of his feelings for Alera and what that may imply. She puts herself first and foremost.

She is told that iluver must choose a husband before she turns 18, but unfortunately the only suitor her father will really allow is the egotistical Steldor. Why am I always pegacy for the losing team?

And as the battle begins for everything Alera holds dear, love may be the downfall of a kingdom. Also, Steldor’s father, Cannon found a path to my heart, quickly becoming another one of my favorites, with his fair and kind rulership of the Hytanican people. There was generally more action, more romance, and better dialogue.


Views Read Edit View history. The fact that the story is telled by Alera is at the same time good and not so good. I really can’t wait for the next one! Overall, I felt this story’s strongest point was the time and energy the author put behind imagining this world. The story slows by and I just desperately wanted to read more about their forbidden love. A smoking hovel where she’ll be raped, where the man she loved is probably dead, and, oh yeah, her country is GONE?

Her troubles are compounded by the fact that her only suitable “suitor” is Steldor, a caricature of a narcissist who can’t stop talking about himself. Cayla Kluver has intricately crafted an elaborate story with an unexpected romance of doomed proportions, and I cannot remember encountering a more fascinating character who completely changes my initial perceptions of them since something blue. I really should have seen it coming.

Why he left in the first place was what I needed to know and was probably the reason I kept on reading. Now that we have that confession out of the way, I had never heard of this series prior to purchasing it, and, unsurprisingly, it isn’t particularly popular. Alera begins to secretly meet with Narian, who tells her of life in the other kingdom and the two begin to fall in love. Throughout the book even though you are supposed to Overall I thought this was a really good book.

Narian brings the fire.

I developed a love hate relationship with Steldor.