PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. [Updated ] List Of Free Mock PMP Exam Questions W/w [For The CertChamp CAPM 5th Edition Exam Kit. . Book File Type: PDF;. 5th Edi Book file PDF. file 5th Edition Pmp Pmbok Practice Exam W Solutions Project Risk Comprehensive Exam Questions And Detailed Explanations That Will Ensure Your Success At The. PMP CertChamp: Certification Champion On PMP, CAPM, SCJP. . General Psychology File Type Pdf; Grade.

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Where would you find this information? Question – You have received a number of seller responses for contracting work related to setting up office cubicles. You decide to take some action and ask the team member to start regular knowledge transfers to a couple of trainees. Perform Quality Assurance D.

To make changes in the deliverables would mean a delay in the schedule. Question – As a project manager of a projectyou have just completed Schedule network diagram. Work performance Measurement C. Work Package Description D. Which one of the following best describes the product description? People have needs starting with Physiological Needs and ending with self actualization A is the correct answer.


The project is already in its third month of execution. Estimate Activity Durations D. No – It will not matter if the Plinth work is delayed. She is very confident that the suggested change will work to get things on track. Through this analytical process gaps in engagement levels can be identified and action plans and communciation plans can be generated to bridge these gaps.

Accept it and don’t tell anyone.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

Both Paths 1 and 2 are Critical Paths D is the correct answer. The project management plan contains details of all the baselines – but a more specific plan to refer to is the Performance Measurement Baseline. People are motivated by achievementpower and affiliation D. Best option is to contact your company’s senior fiiletype and ask for assistance.

What should you do NEXT in time management? You are midway through the project.

The Not surprising, product pricing has a big effect on company objectives. Risk prioritization occurs in Quantitative Risk Analysis.

The correct answer is D – Pad is adding time as a buffer to project estimate. The correct answer is Option B – Cetrchamp performance Measurement Question – Communication can be of the following forms except: Pareto Chart B is the correct answer.

What kind of a dependency is this? Question – 85 You have scheduled regular weekly team meetings with project team members. Activities on Critical Path have positive float D.


Work Packages B is the correct answer. A duration less than days C. The prioritization occurs in the Qualitative Risk Analysis process. Reprimand the team member and ensure the corrective action is reverted C.

You are managing a software development project for a banking product.

CertChamp : Certification Champion on PMP, CAPM, SCJP, SCWCD, OCA

Time and Materials – T and M B. Rejected change requests are also captured in the change log A is the correct answer. Hygiene factors will ensure that job dissatisfaction not occur – however it does not ensure job satisfaction D. In this case a Software architect can be assumed to be an expert in his field. The project is scheduled to span over eight months and you are in your fifth month of execution. Examples are cost per square feet etc. Initially the team member is reluctant to discuss but finally opens up and indicates that the cause of the delays is often different instructions coming in from you as well as the project manager.