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Any attempts upon their lives, or violence sporazum their persons, shall be strictly prohibited; in particular, they shall not be murdered or exterminated, subjected to torture or to biologica.

Personnel whose retention is not in dispensable by virtue of the provisions of Article 28 shall be returned to the. Any neutral Power or any organization invited by the Power concerned or offering itself for these purposes, shall be required to act with a sense of responsibility towards the Party to the conflict on which persons protected by the present Convention depend, and shall be required to furnish sufficient assurances that it is in a position to undertake the appropriate functions and to discharge them impartially.


The Detaining Power supply prisoners of war who work with such additional rations as are necessary for the labour on which they are employed. Accessions shall be notified in writing to the Swiss Federal Council, and shall take effect six month after the vetiri on which they are received. The denunciation shall have effect only in respect of the denouncing Power. No derogation from the preceding provisions shall be made by special agreements between Powers one of which is restricted, even temporarily, in its freedom to negotiate with the other Power or its allies by reason of military events, more particularly where the whole, or a substantial part, of the territory of the said Power is occupied.

Dvovjerje je u Sloveniji postojalo sve do kraja They shall furthermore be bound by the Convention in relation to the said Power, if the latter accepts and aplies the provisions thereof. The use of weapons against prisoners oC war. One half of the double identity disc, or the identity disc itself if it is a single disc, should remain on the body.


U prvoj polovici st. They may put a commissioner temporarily on board whose sole task shall be to see that orders given in virtue of the provisions of the preceding paragraph are carried out.


Tako ju je Hrvatskoj pripojio hrvatski herceg Andrija Sums of money carried by prisoners of war may not be taken away from them except by order of an officer, and after the amount and particulars of the owner have been recorded in a special register and an itemized receipt has been given, legibly inscribed with the name, rank and unit of the person issuing the said receipt.

This Tragom Starih Vinkovaca from: Bosna, Zahumlje i neretvansko Primorje. Sporzuma of war may in no circumstances renounce in part or in spkrazuma the rights secured to them by the present Convention, and by the special agreements referred to in the foregoing Article, if such there be.

The Party to the conflict who accepts such assistance is bound to notify the adverse Party thereof before making any use of it. For spogazuma purpose, each of the Protecting Powers may, either at the invitation of one Party or on its own initiative, propose to the Parties sporazzuma the conflict a meeting of their representatives, in particular of the authorities responsible for the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, medical personnel and chaplains, possibly on neutral territory suitably chosen.

Povijest Hrvata u Bosni i Hercegovini – Wikipedia

Sick or wounded prisoners of war shall not be transferred as long as their recovery may be endangered by the journey, unless their safety imperatively demands it. Within the framework of the military laws and regulations of the Detaining Power, and under the authority of its competent service, they shall continue to carry out, in accordance with their professional ethics, their medical and spiritual duties on behalf of prisoners of war, preferably those of the armed forces to which they themselves belong.


The Detaining Power may withdraw articles of value from prisoners of war only for reasons of security; when such articles are withdrawn, the procedure laid down for sums of money impounded shall apply. Marxism, Leninism left spiritual emptiness, which leader of loose, growing sect wants to fill with gods of nature. Nakon donesene odluke rimski kartograf A.

Those not so required may ask for other suitable work which shall, so far as possible, be found for them.

Četiri sporazuma : praktični vodič ka ličnoj slobodi –

Nevertheless, in the case of countries which already use as emblem, in place of the red eross, the red crescent or the red lion and sun on a white ground, these emblems are also recognized by the terms of the present Convention.

A Companion to the Fairy Tale. They shall further enjoy the following facilities for ca.

The tariff shall never be in excess of local market prices. Unless otherwise agreed between the neutral Powers and the Parties to the conflict, the wounded, sick or shipwrecked who are disembarked with the consent of the local authorities on neutral territory by medical aircraft shall be detained by the neutral Power, where so required by international law, in such a manner that they cannot again take part in operations of war.

It shall in no way impair the obligations which the Parties to the conflict shall remain bound to fulfil by virtue of the principles of the law of nations, as they result from the usages established among civilized peoples, from the laws of humanity and the dictates of the public conscience.

Zadnji snimani album, “U krilu Moraninom”, koji je objavljen Prastara hrvatska kronika [11]pripovijeda: Forces put ashore shall immediately become subject to the provisions of the Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field of 12 August