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The orbital has the character of a wave amplitude, but it is not to be confused with a physical wave since its value may be a complex number. Chimica by John C Kotz Book 11 editions published between and in Italian and Undetermined and held by 61 WorldCat member libraries worldwide 1.

La struttura degli atomi e gli andamenti periodici ; Intercapitolo: Single cycle degree courses.

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The Teacher urges the Students to attend as much as possible the daily lectures and encourages generlae critical re-examination of personal lecture notes, also by cross-examination with other Students’ notes. The errata corrige of this text can be found at www.

Among the remaining 14, 10 adopted the above definition in terms of electron density. In this case, the Teacher will assign the final grade on the basis of the overall assessment of the two tests and will not necessarily be an improvement over that achieved by passing the written test only.

Of course, the process of taming could not avoid some serious distortion of the concept. Realtionship between mass and energy. Quantum numbers and orbitals. In the second block, for the remaining 24 h of frontal teaching, fundamentals on the different states of matter and thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of the different compounds are described in the order which follows: Basic description of matter, chemical bond, molecular structure, chemical reactivity of elements and compounds.


Specific and molar conductivity. Chemical elements and compounds. The news of the direct experimental observation of orbitals was readily divulged by a number of magazines. Atomi, molecole e ioni 50; 3. Law of mass action. In this way a chance was missed for making clearer a main concept and for dispelling a misconception that has persisted for nearly fifty years in the teaching of general chemistry.

Kotz, John C.

Kotz and Paul Treichel. The course consists of classroom lectures scheduled 64 hours and stoichiometry tutorials scheduled 24 hours. The exam is oral and involves four questions. Malatesta, Chimica generale In the second part students are asked to solve some exercises, mainly concerning the prediction of electronic and structural properties of the molecules, stoichiometry, and chemical thermodynamics.

Intermolecular forces of attraction. This reveals that the orbital concept pertains to the domain of wave mechanics: Binary and ternary compounds.

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Historical development of the atomic theory of matter. As they state in the conclusions of their paper: Brady, Holum, Fondamenti di chimica La chimica nucleare Main characteristics of the chemical elements.

The exam is passed if the student answers to at least three of the four questions. Only 8 textbooks treated the topic of orbitals satisfactorily or at least in a non-misleading way. Learning assessment procedures -The purpose of the examination is to verify the level of knowledge on the different subjects treated during the course and evaluate the ability to apply this knowledge to generxle description and prediction of the chemical properties of the matter and of the different compounds.


The paper by Zuo et al.

Lewis’ theory, valence bond VB theory, molecular orbital MO theory. Textbooks and optional supplementary readings.


In the lectures the Teacher explains the various topics of the program aiming to illustrate the relevance to the future professional context of the Student, providing concrete examples of the application of theoretical concepts drawn from everyday experience. Legame e struttura molecolare ; 9. Kotz, Purcell, Chimica Main functional genersle and their characteristics. Flipping the traditional model of presenting facts and building to applications, it begins with contexts that are real-life and matter to students – from doping in sports, to the chemistry behind the treads of wall-climbing robots.

The introduction of orbitals in the teaching of general chemistry at geberale freshman or high school level has been a true educational anomaly, comparable to the pretension of a mathematics teacher to teach the subject of derivatives without having previously explained the mathematical concept of limit. Brown e Le May, Chimica: General information on the chemical equilibrium. Mortimer, Introduzione alla chimica La chimica della vita: