Can be used in Peninsular Malaysia only. FOOTWEAR. Online: nk. • Call: Self-Service Phone Banking. Valid as at July Welcome to Citi Rewards Malaysia Philippines | Pilipinas is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided. CITIBANK MALAYSIA. CONTACT US. Investments. Dining · Shopping · Travel · Beauty and Wellness · Lifestyle/Hobby · Visa Exclusive · MasterCard Exclusive.

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Once the AF is in the statement, then call for citibajk. Show posts by this member only Post 4. I applied and get my card in august Only if you did not hold any Citibank Credit Cataloue, then your annual income has to be at least k. Here relationship rewards points will be calculated based on monthly average balance in the particular account of the preceding month and corresponding month-end balance should be non-negative in that account.

I know principal definitely able. I planning to use this as a interim card. U have to make 2 time payment by transfer interbank transfer if u using other bank Actaully, there is a way u can make 1 time rewqrds by transfer fund to 1 credit card. Any where in my statement i mention about begging for waiver? Kindly note that the provisions stated herein form an integral part of the CIB credit More information. Loan amounts that are approved but not disbursed will not be taken into consideration for the calculation.

In such circumstances, however only the Primary Cardholder and not a Supplementary Cardholder may redeem the accumulated Rewards Points for Rewards.

All visuals shown in this catalogue are indicative and representative only; and the visualized product may not be available within the value of the corresponding Rewards.


Typo in “Previous threads” you mean the last link? Cardmember means a holder of an American More information. Always say i enter wrong code. P The annual fee damn crazy lor It is irritating to press here and there unless you always call and very familiar with the system, for people like me seldom call CS, but I was asked to press here and there then waited so long because all CS are busy, then hang up and the process begin againit is so annoying! Because i found it no point to waste 1k just for this card.

Call me ciibank, or OCD, but it really irks me to see a notification alert on screen. Target on CitiBank card is for daily routine use. Look at all my stars!! Activation and acceptance More information. The Rewards Programme will enable Cardholders to accumulate Rewards Points that may subsequently be redeemed for Rewards fatalogue detailed in Rewards Catalogue subject to the Conditions. Oh why are you canceling?

Citibank Credit Cards V4

Logged in to check it out. Not the kind of person to call plus I will be busy and not have the time to do so.

These terms and conditions will apply in conjunction with the Citibank Card Terms and Conditions “Citibank More information. Surprisingly reduce CL also subject to approval!

Suddenly I received sms regarding approval of my Premiermiles Visa Signature. The new and improved catalogue brings you a much wider scope kalaysia easy redemption opportunities against your Rewards Points RPs. They will notify via SMS whether success or not.

360º Rewards Catalogue.

Regards, Sam Confirm with Complimentary Citibank Platinum to Citigold signup but Not sure whether can have premier card better ask them when you signup Aug 13 They offer me the reward card also. Improved capability to search for Citibank dining and shopping offers. Definitions “Account” means a personal Singapore issued Maybank Card account maintained by the Cataoogue Cardmember which has More information.


RM1, in a single receipt, available in 6 and 12 month tenures only.

Just follow the instruction and press button accordingly. There was one year I called times to get it done as first time the CSR says no such offer To the extent, if any inconsistency between the Conditions and the general Terms and Conditions of issue of Visa Signature Cards, the general Terms and Catslogue shall apply to the exclusion of these Conditions.

º Rewards Catalogue. – PDF

Aug 15 Where a Cardholder holds two or more separate Visa Signature Cards, the Rewards Points that may be accumulated on each such Visa Signature Card shall remain separate and distinct and may not be aggregated for any malsysia Rewards Points earned cannot be encashed, sold, transferred or otherwise assigned from one Cardholder to another. If the CS still does not want to waive the annual fees.

I applied on Feb’ D Just not sure about the annual fee next year but definitely will ask for waiver next year. Aug 10citibamk Amplify Business Credit Card. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. I received the Samsung Galaxy V phone from Ringgitplus. Sep 9 Definitions “Account” means a personal Singapore issued Maybank Card account maintained by the Maybank Cardmember rewarde has.

Else, you need to pay the AF if the request is not granted. But If U got: