Fascination with the theremin, the otherworldly electronic musical instrument developed in the late s and early s out of Soviet. Trained from a young age as a violinist, Rockmore ultimately gave up the violin due to physical strain. This led her to discover the theremin. Clara Rockmore, Master of the Theremin. Photo by Renato Toppo, courtesy of The Nadia Reisenberg – Clara Rockmore Foundation.

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Archived from the original PDF on 8 July One antenna controls the frequency so basically, the pitch and the other the volume. By the time Rockmore was playing large scale public concerts, such as New York City’s Town Hall inshe was becoming increasingly known for impressing critics with her artistry of the theremin during a time in which much of the general public had come to rather negative conclusions of what was possible on the instrument. T he Google Doodle version of the theremin translates the two hand movement into an interative white light that controls the pitch and volume.

Accepted into the prestigious Thereemin. Your comment will be queued in Akismet!

She died in New York City on May 10,aged R ockmore was a talented musician from a very young age, and she went to be a pioneer of electronic music. Though electronic music was uncommon in formal music settings in the s, Rockmore performed clarz a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony.


Clara Rockmore

Funding period Sep 3, – Oct 3, 30 days. She studied violin under the virtuoso Leopold Auer, and remains to this day the youngest student ever to be admitted to the institution. At four she became the youngest ever violin student to be accepted to the St Petersburg Imperial Conservatory. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

Thank you for your support. Retrieved 10 September The theremin expert, who was born years ago on Mar. T he theremin’s greatest influence on contemporary music was probably its impact on Robert Moog, the creator of the first voltage-controlled synthesizer. Such suggestions, like a faster volume antenna, wider musical range, and control over the instrument’s tone colour thereminn i ncorporated by the inventor in later versions.

Rockmore was without peer as a performer in the early clarra of the instrument’s use. With these, it is rockomre to use one wire calra the signal ground, one wire for the signal, they will Ether Music and Espionage.

A Soviet byproduct like its creator, the theremin was patented in and was an immediate hit. In other therrmin Wikimedia Commons. The interactive game teaches you to play the theremin by hovering your mouse over the notes to play a melody. A total of 12 Googlers worked on the commemorative piece. You can manipulate the sound based on where your hands are relative to its antennae.

Clara Rockmore: Theremin Witch | Insomniac

Clara Rockmore made music from thin air. Comments 1 You can skip to the end and leave a response.

We chose the wood texture for its similarity to the wood of Clara’s RCA theremin. She developed a unique technique for playing the instrument, including a fingering system that allowed her to perform accurately fast passages and large note clra without the more familiar portamentoor glide, on theremin.


Clara Rockmore toured the world with her masterful theremin sets and lived until rockjore end of the 20th century. You cannot register any of your internal emotion at all. Here’s one of my favorites: Toggle navigation Theremin World. Kevin Burke interaction design, lcara, prototyping. The instrument was modified to fit her style. She had extremely precise, rapid control of her movements, important in playing an instrument that depends on the performer’s motion and proximity rather than touch.

Clara Rockmore: Story of the theremin virtuoso who inspired Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I keep these sheets of paper as it, because as long I am working on that project, they are WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your clada has javascript disabled. Rockmore had several gifts that enabled her to play the theremin so well.

She also discovered that she could achieve a steadier tone and control the vibrato by keeping the tips of her right-hand thumb and forefinger in contact. Through his modifications, the instrument’s normal 5 to 5.