kanban (mostly used for repetitive manufacturing). • Based on PUSH principle. – MRP (MRP-II). • Based on both principles (push and pull). – CONWIP (Constant. CONWIP. (A pull alternative to kanban principle). Main resources: Mark Spearman, David Woodruff and Wallace Hopp. Northwestern University,. Evanson. PDF | This paper describes a new pull-based production system called CONWIP. Practical advantages of CONWIP over push and other pull systems are given.

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In a pull systemthe start of each product assembly process is triggered by the completion of cpnwip at the end of production line. I can also imagine it to be quite suitable as a hybrid in combination with kanban.

The kanban can be attached to a part or be separate. In modern manufacturing, the sequence will probably be primarily based on the available MRP data, combined with additional information through telephone or e-mail.

I would phrase it more generally as the people who know the urgency best. Instead, the product type gets assigned to the card kanbban an as-needed basis. Notify me of new posts by email. On the other hand, if you have lots of made-to-order or exotic parts, you cannot use kanban. Great feed — thank you. Remember, the card is now not associated with a part type, only a constant quantity.

The merging of the blank card with the part type is called the system entry. Now go kwnban and Organize your Industry! If someone messes up your backlog priority and puts 50 times the same product as a priority, then your entire system is full with this one product.


Kanban aims to merely refill your inventory. CONWIP — and for that matter, kanban — both normally use the quantity of parts to prevent overloading of the production system. If you have enough kanbans of each part type, then the kanban system automatically reproduces what is needed. One effect of these human decisions is a higher tendency for the bullwhip effect.

Excelent contribution, Im very gratefull of all of yours for share this information I been Reading your articles and all of them are very instructive Thankyou. Overall, my gut feeling tells me to stay away from this second type of hybrid system, since it includes excess work, more possibilities for failures, and not really any big advantage that I can see.

Naturally, no matter how urgent the part, if you cannot get the material there in time, there is no point in starting production. kanbah

I also hope you enjoyed this post. I hope this was insightful for you. Every part must have a kanban conaip with it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Of course, since the cycle of the kanban cards and the cycle of the CONWIP cards is similar, it is easy to imagine a hybrid system and it has been imagined already a few times.


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After a finished part is completed at the last workstationa card is transferred to the first workstation and a new part is pushed into the sequential process route. However, be aware ocnwip the risk of human decisions messing things up is there.

Basics of CONWIP Systems (Constant Work in Progress)

In a usually highly volatile environment such as a manufacturing system, new information comes up all the time. Kanban is both a type of card and a control system in manufacturing named after the cards.

CONWIP -go-round with different parts — like roller coaster seats with people There is broad agreement in industry that a pull system is in almost all cases better than a push system. Kanban has an additional advantage in that it automatically manages your production sequence.

CONWIP – Wikipedia

However, there are other ways to implement pull. Besides, CONWIP would also benefit from multiple smaller loops depending on the circumstances see another original research of mine: It could be, for example, some type of clerk in the production planning or production control department, or a supervisor within manufacturing for internal supply lines.

It is doable, however.