CSWIP – Senior Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package. This eLearning CSWIP Senior Welding Inspection Theory Pre-course. Ans Drawing Sympols. Hi Can please share the latest study materials of CSWIP (Senior Welding Inspector) Thanks in Advance Best Regards MNT.

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But i have 10 years experience about welding processes.

Zeki you can write both exam together but can not write 3. But still practical test is there for Macro, Plate and Pipe.

You should mark the defects on the sketch which defects are noted in the test specimen then you have to reply for 20 multiple choice questions for each plate and pipe. Note in the sketch you have to note location size of defects and general notes all as required Same like old pattern. In the macro test ten location marked as 1 to 10 you have reply 12 multi-choice questions with reference to the location which is mentioned in the question.


CSWIP Preparation Course Material

Timely analysisAproposyou are looking for a CG 20 37We filled out and esigned a fillable version here https: Please post the pic of it on this blog or mail on my email I’d: Please let me know sajjadali. I have come to know that, all papers are multi choice questions! Cswlp are easy or difficult? Please share your experience. Thursday, May 10, Don’t forget to bookmark our blog.

katerial Visit regularly to our blog for latest updates. Function and responsibilities of a senior welding inspector. Interpretation of NDT reports. Approval and certification procedures. General principles of supervision.

Interpretation of fractured surfaces. Practice in typical examination questions.

CSWIP 3.2 Study Materials

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Dear Friends, To save your precious time we uploaded api materials in single folder.

Its make easier your downloads, before it was a