Danfoss Randall RX1 Wireless Receiver . Important: Due to change in frequency when replacing RX1 receivers with a warranty expiry date or July or. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Danfoss RX1 Thermostat. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for? Please try. Hi folks I’m really not that clever when it comes to these things so please try and be helpful I have a combi boiler with thermostat and receiver.

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Is there a manual for the RX1 and how can I obtain one if there is?

Danfoss RX1 Thermostat

Possibly power-cuts and flat batteries may require you to reconnect them, but I think it should be pretty much automatic. Deleted member likes this. Units with warranty expiry date after July are not effected. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Deleted memberSep 19, You can press the button on the receiver to override it.

Add to Cart Details. Otherwise you will need to install the receiver near your wiring centre or boiler depending on your system type.

Danfoss Randall RX1 Wireless Receiver

Sounds like you have got danfose faulty transmitter or receiver. I followed the instructions on page 10 I pressed the down arrow and plus key I got this “tree” symbol appearing on the screen which was not there before Then I pressed her PROG and CH1 together and the PROG light flashed green Does this mean the two units are connected?

Asif damfossSep 20, If it is receiving power, then it will need to be replaced. Once you have successfully connected the stat to the receiver – which you now have – that’s it; it should stay connected and the ‘tree’ should always show.


Description Reviews 0 Questions? It isn’t clear from the TP installation instructions whether or not the receiver is mains or battery powered. There are no lights at all on the RX1 even when we press the buttons is it likely that we need to purchase a replacement?


From what I can see there’s no way of programming the central heating and hot water with out it? Guess what my heating came on at am as programmed! I will have a look tonight when I go home I am so glad I wake up to a warm house!

Follow the instructions of the thermostat to rebind it to the receiver. Discussion in ‘ Plumbers’ Talk ‘ started by Asif iqbalSep 19, Is there a manual I can get? Check the RX1 is receiving power. Are these sold separately? Send Close Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: Due to change in frequency when replacing RX1 receivers with a warranty expiry date or July or earlier both transmitter and receiver must be replaced.

That ‘tree’ is an ‘antenna’ symbol and I presume it indicates that they are now connected So, provided you have set the timings and temps on your stat, it should come on tomoz. HTML is not translated! The receiver status light flashes when the receiver is receiving a signal from the thermostat.

After pressing the down arrow and plus fx1 see the tree symbol on the left hand side appeared.

Danfoss Rx1 and Danfoss thermostat

Enter the code in the box below: Yes, you can download it from the downloads tab. Great and many thanks for your help So to activate the programme do I need to always syn the thermostat and receiver? What is the receiver for and how does it work Please someone go through it with me step by step slow because I am slow learner.


It had a prog and CH1 buttons on it how do I activate the programme Sometimes the lights flash on them when I danfoss on thermostat How do I activate the programme from the thermostat?

Which button do I press for the RX1 to work? The prog button is for binding it to a thermostat. Deleted memberSep 20, The channel button is an over-ride when communication with the thermostat has been lost. Just got it off it’s a TP range thermostat I think it doesn’t have weekday and weekend?

Once they are connected – communicating – you can program the thermostat to give you the temps and timings you want. Will the hearing come dajfoss tomorrow?

Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon. You should have a separate control for your hot water unless it dnfoss a combi boiler. Hi, We’ve recently moved home and the property has the RX1 Danfoss Receiver attached to the boiler but no remote thermostat control unit. The Receiver then switches the boiler on or off as requested.

We have tried resetting the ranfoss control and linking it back up to the receiver but the light still goes off. Is the Danfoss RX1 battery powered?