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A red static screen means that Travis has been damaged severely – Travis’ heartbeat can be heard during normal gameplay while he is severely damaged. After stepping toward the desk in the Archives — Female patient: Jump into the hole in the bathroom to reach the floor below. I was the one who saved her from the fire.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Sounds so easy, yet remember all deonado trouble that James went through in Silent Hill 2 to get to Mary’s room – well, Travis has to go through the same amount of torture. It seems the occupant of this room was a rebel The door has an oval impression and the following message on it: The finishing blow’s animation will depend on whatever weapon that Travis currently has equipped – he can also stomp on them while not equipped with a weapon.

Save your game at the save point on the first floor. What you doin’ on my road? I thought that’s what she wanted too? detondao

This boss can be sielnt with a melee weapon, though it requires some decent dodging. Cutscene – — WHEN: Go all the way back to the Butcher Shop on Toluca Ave. Carrions and Straight-jackets once again litter the road.

Use the exit doors to the south of the East Corridor to exit the hospital. See the Extras section for info on how to gain the other two endings. The Manager Office to the north in this room is locked, so exit the room by stepping out into the area to the west of the Reception room. There oritins also a set of pipes forming a bridge that Travis will have to cross further up the path. Enter the Game Room in the wilent.


Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Savior – Edtonado the game. You really are dead. Exit this room then enter the Second Floor Lobby in the middle of the second floor. Lisa stands up Lisa: On roigins cart before moving up to the mirror Hurried Note Area: They can’t do anything for her. There is also a Caliban up ahead. Alessa floats in place and stares at Travis as the ground starts to crumble below here. I just want to understand Exit the room then enter the corridor to the south next to the catwalks.

Unlock the door that leads back to the Corridor Outside Dressing Rooms then open the door. Weapons such as file cabinets, crates, portable TVs, iron weights, etc. She floats down the stairs as all the concrete and buildings around the area begin to deteriorate starting from the ground directly underneath her. Be sure to save your “Special Save File” after the credits! The attacks can be quite a pain to dodge, so make sure to use healing items often and defeat him fast!

It really sounds like the requirement is over enemies compared to the supposed If it isn’t then email me and it will be. They will try to grab and choke Travis. Watch for the boss to lower its head to know when the tentacles are about to drop. The man turns around while standing in front of the elevator doors Dr.


Find the Shotgun Ammo on the west side of the stage. While peeping into the Rose Suite, notice the syringes lying on a table and the red jacket hung on the right side of the wall, and of course, the sounds of sexual favor – this will all be explained later. After Travis drops through the siilent of the Cleopatra Room and lands — – in the Rose Suite below – Travis lands on the floor of the Rose Suite bathroom then dust himself off and steps out of the room.

Look below for an explanation of this puzzle. I have set up the walkthrough portion much like my Fatal Frame III walkthrough where I provide stage objectives that will allow a reader to quickly gaze upon them for slight hints instead of having to look through a full walkthrough to find out how to get one damn key.

The door to the middle corridor is locked, so open the door to the Northeast Staircase. The next objective is to reach the Butcher Shop, which is on the south side of Low St. Enter Andy’s Books on the west side of Koontz St. Room has some police tape over it and the lock is broken.